XPROB Spare Replacement Parts. Image for illustrative purposes only, variations may differ. Finding and selecting your part is as easy as There are. four leg angles. Four pre-set independent leg angles give the tripod great positioning flexibility and versatility, and allow all intermediate heights from . With the new , better-than-ever camera stability is guaranteed. Compared with standard leg-locking levers, our new Quick Power Lock system applies.

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The choice of head obviously also plays a significant role in the stability of the system as a whole.

Manfrotto AH Video Head & MTXPRO3 MVKXPRO3 B&H

Certainly if you do have higher-end bodies and large lenses, the range will be much more suitable than thebut the latter will be more than sufficient for most body and lens combinations in general use.

With the legs fully extended and set to their normal operating angle, the head plate is positioned cm from the ground. Recent Posts Nikon Z 50mm f1. Each leaves a fair amount for a big lens. Fully extended, it towers above many photographers, but angle the legs out and you could also position your camera just a few inches above the ground. Under extreme conditions, this may allow the aluminium XPROB to be fully extended or packed-away fractionally faster than the carbon fiber CXPRO3 version; those who operate in a hurry take note.

The spring also makes it easier to position the camera on this axis since it opposes some of the camera’s weight. But before you sign-up for a four-legged tripod, there are a number of compromises to be aware of.

Rated 4 out of 5 by Best photographer in town from Good tripod with a lot of varing setups With the way the center column can be repositioned, and as quick and easy as the legs and center column ajust, it is a great tripod. Be the first to review this item. Anyone mwnfrotto shoots in cold conditions will know an aluminium tripod can become uncomfortable to carry and sticky to touch; indeed under extreme conditions you should avoid touching the metal surfaces at all with bare hands.

The carbon fiber models are also available with three or four leg sections, the latter folding-down to a shorter length for transportation, but at the cost of slightly heavier weight, greater flex and slower setting-up; look for the numbers 3 or 4 at the end of the model name to manfrottoo the numbers of leg sections. You need to twist the head clockwise to tighten the resistance so the fluid pan will work correctly. A key advantage for carbon fiber.


The bridging technology ensures that the pan friction control is intuitive and easy to set, but also protected against knocks. All words, images, videos and layout, copyright Gordon Laing. So to answer the question posed at the start of this article, which of the four tripods is best for you? In this leg configuration, the central column needs to be raised to its maximum height, or more sensibly switched to the horizontal orientation see below to clear the ground, although you can also replace it for an optional shorter column if desired.

The bigger versions of the tripods may have been more stable than the smaller ones, but given an average load, the difference was actually very small. See any errors on this page? Funny how after 25 years of using tripods you think they couldn’t or wouldn’t mess it up but they did. This involved simply giving the grip-side of the tripod-mounted camera a sharp tap by hand and timing how long it took for the vibrations to dissipate and become imperceptible on-screen at high magnification.

Take the time to watch some tutorials on YouTube before you start messing with the head and the tripod. This head is designed for executing cinematic moves with compact camcorders and DSLR video cameras.

Our final test was with the flagship carbon fiber CXPRO3, which with its centre column down took an average of 1. Indeed after much research many photographers narrow their choices of a decent tripod down to these very four models, but then often struggle with their final decision. Beyond those who use larger format cameras or the biggest lenses, it really boils down to whether you want to operate close to or well within the limits of your equipment.

Manfrotto is one of the most respected names in the business and these tripods represent a significant step-up from budget options.

The legs clamps work fast and easy with one flick. Most importantly the more sections, the less rigid and stable 055zprob entire tripod will be. You can see the effect of a single tap on each tripod configuration in our video below. This allows you to level your camera on both the horizontal and vertical planes.

Manfrotto XPROB Tripod Legs (Black) w/ RC2 Head B&H Photo

I bought it as a static tripod for interviews with using a video DSLR. The leg tubes and centre column are made of aluminium with a smooth finish. Manfrotto also offers the option of a centre column which can switch between vertical and horizontal operation quickly and without the need for disassembly.


Manfrotto found much of the studio equipment of the day cumbersome and neglected to include basic stands and clamps. With the wing-nut loosened, the oval section may rattle a little disconcertingly, but once tightened it feels rock-solid and we never experienced any issues with slippage while testing.

Each joint will flex, and the necessity to squeeze a fourth tube into the third means manua final section will be very narrow; indeed on the and models, the fourth leg tubes measure just 16 and This was repeated five times for each tripod configuration and the average time calculated to reduce variations in the taps.

The time taken to dampen these vibrations is critical to avoid shake on self-timer shots activated by hand rather than cable-release, not to mention for your own sanity as you make adjustments to a composition.

Moving onto the larger aluminium XPROB with the centre column down, the vibrations dissipated in manfrorto average of 3. The carbon fiber version is simply stiffer, and in our tests below, was also measurably superior when it came to damping vibrations.

Manfrotto Pro Tripod 055Xprob Empty Box Excellent Condition + Sealed Manual +Tag

Each tube is locked firmly in position by levers which can quickly be pushed in our out. Place your order by 5pm Wed Jan 2 and your order will manrrotto the same day. This Tripod is super stable and very well built, which I have come to expect from Manfrotto. Tilt release is on wrong side!!!! Other than that it seems durable so far. You can position the camera down to the ground, or easily setup in ruff sloped terrain.

First, a body of this size and weight represents the majority of DSLRs in common use. Typical entry-level to mid-range DSLR bodies weigh between and g with battery.


The specs show a max hight of 70, I am 74 tall and this will extend over my head by a few inches with out a tripod head mounted. By mabual the column to its highest vertical position, it can be swung over to horizontal without removing the head or disassembling the column itself.

The four-legged versions are also slightly heavier and a little more expensive than their three-legged counterparts.