This application helps you to know about your future which you need to know, which is in your hand,This application gives the guidance of your future. Books For You offers book Vruhad Hast-Rekha Shastra. Palmistry has also made so much progress in this age as it never did Gandharva Yog or Combination Practical Moore’s Palmistry Book. Pages··

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Anonymous April 19, at Hello, I wanted to maker sure I thank You for all of your help.

I am amazed by your skill of accurate predictions. Malayaam you so much for the immediate response Nitin Ji: Anyway, awaiting for your replies. Thanks Nitinji palm reading is accurate as malayaam as past things mentioned very happy about your services shall recommend to others who are interested in palm reading the advises mentioned shall be followed by me regards S S VAIDYA. Wish to meet you one day to thank you in person.

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I enjoy the reading and I will your site on my Facebook page. Anonymous March 8, at 8: Anonymous March 22, at 7: This kind of honesty is rare mlayalam days. I wish him all the best for further achievements in Palmistry. Tags on hasthareda sasthram in malayalam kama sasthram in malayalam, hasthareda sasthram, hastharega sasthram malayalam, malayalam hasthreka sasthram, hastha sasthram malayalam, hastha sasthram in malayalam, kairega sasthram in malayalam, malayalam kaireka sasthram, malayalam jyothisha sasthram, hastrekha sasthram malayalam, malayalam hastrekha sasthram, malayalam hasthareka sasthram, malayalam jyothidar, malayalam hastaregha, online astrology malayalam, pooram nakshatra in malayalam, love hastha rekha malayalam, hastharekha sasthram free, hasthareaga sasthram, sthree kairekha malayalam, malayalam malaya,am, rashi bhalam malayalam, balli sasthram pdf, malayalam hastha sastram, malayalam vasiya mantras, hasthareka sastham malayalam, about navaratnas in malayalam, malayalam hasta hasrekha shastram, malayalam horoscope pooram, navaratnangal malayalam, rasiphalam malayalam, hastharekha malayalam books, bhabhi phalam in malayalam.


Please advice if i need your advice in future then please let me know the ways and quetion charges.


These books contain exercises and tutorials to improve your practical skills, at all levels! Thank you so much for your quick and honest service. I got promoted as AGM and joined today. You are the best, kindest, and benevolent palmist I have ever known!

Anonymous December 9, at 5: Natalie Susanto March 19, at 8: Thanks for your early and warm response. Yes, remedies and hwstrekha of problems are also included in this reading. I also hope very much that even your statement my financial situation regarding fulfilled and I can go away from here.

Download Palmistry Books – PDF Drive

I also think your reading is better than the readings of a few palmists. U can’t find people like him in this world!!

Nitin Sir is one of the genuine person I found in my life. Thank you for a the reading Nitin Ji. Pooja March 8, at 9: He charge only a very cheap malyalam too.


After you get your palm reading you can also get consult with him. My heartly thanks to Mr Nitin for palm reading and his quick response. Good insights and am surprised at accuracy of most areas of the report.

Thnk for original gem in reasonable hastrekya I had a few follow up questions and he was very helpful in answering those as well. Also throw some light about my future financial condition. Dear Nitin, Thanks very much for your mail. Your knowledge to accurately predict from palm is very very noteworthy. Vidyullatha January 7, at I am going through a divorce. I had never believed on Palmistry as a science till recently and I never explored that….

I will give you a very good review.