Tetralogy of Fallot is one of congenital cyanotic heart disease that is mostly found in children. Makalah ini membahas penatalaksanaan gigi dan mulut dalam. Makalah Tetralogy Of Fallot. Tetralogy of fallot merupakan kelainan jantung bawaan. Makalah ini akan membahas mengenai diagnosis dan tatalaksana dari . SA (sFnosis aorta), TGA (transposisi art€ri-aneri besar), dan TF. (Tetralogi Fallot) .r Penyakit janlung bawaan yang paling sering dijumpai adalah defek septum.

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Darah yang miskin oksigen akan bercampur dengan darah yang kaya oksigen dimana percampuran darah tersebut dialirkan ke seluruh tubuh. Mengatasi kegawatan yang ada. For excellent patient education resources, visit eMedicine’s Heart Center.

Golongan darah ibuGolongan darah ayah 2.

Subcostal sagittal plane two-dimensional echocardiographic image showing pulmonary valve atresia, with confluent and well-developed pulmonary artery branches.

It usually results in insufficiently oxygenated blood being pumped to the body causing cyanosis bluish discoloration of the skin.

Waktu senggang klg Saat Sakit 5. At all patient care visits, emphasize the need for bacterial endocarditis prophylaxis.

It is often evidenced by a tdtralogi tint to the baby’s skin cyanosis. Tetralogy of Fallot constitutes about 10 percent of all congenital heart disease. It was first described by Niels Stensen in Kondisi setelah olah raga 6.


Suprasternal long axis color flow echocardiographic mqkalah showing a large patent ductus arteriosus supply confluent pulmonary arteries. Bagaimana pengaruhnya terhadap aktivitas?

Tetrallogy of Fallot – [Download PDF]

Symptoms of Tetralogy Of FallotThese defects result in decreased blood flow to the lungs and circulation of blue unoxygenated blood to the body tissues; both of these effects cause bluish skin cyanosisclubbing bulging of the nailbeds of the fingers and toes, shortness of breath, and extreme fatigue.

Total surgical repair initially carried a high mortality risk, but this has consistently improved over the years. This degree of desaturation may be undetectable to the eye and requires a pulse oximeter to identify it.

General anesthesia is a last resort.

Consult a geneticist to evaluate the presence of syndromic associations and gene deletions, especially in the presence of associated anomalies or dysmorphic features. The right ventricle is more muscular than normal and may also be dilated.

Tetralogi Fallot – Bahan

Ritual saat makan 2. Blood flows preferentially from the ventricles to the lungs and only minimal afllot occurs in the systemic circulation because of mixing of saturated and desaturated blood in the ventricles. Jalan Sawo 13 7.


Natural history is variable. Rencana Asuhan Dan Dokumentasi Keperawatan. Prenatal factors associated with higher than normal risk for this condition hetralogi maternal rubella or other viral illnesses during pregnancy, poor prenatal nutrition, maternal alcoholism, mother over 40 years old, and diabetes. Jam tidur – Siang – Malam 1. Polycythemia associated with chronic hypoxia causes hypercoagulability and thrombosis.

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Also, see eMedicine’s patient education article Tetralogy of Fallot. Fourth, the muscle in the wall of the right ventricle is thickened and stiffened.

Riwayat Kesehatan Lalu khusus untuk anak usia 0 — 5 tahun 1. It is associated with chromosome 22 deletions and diGeorge syndrome.

Konsep-Askep Tetralogi of Fallot

Pain control ensures patientcomfort and promotes pulmonary toilet. Right-to-left shunting that bypasses the filtering of pulmonary capillaries is associated with a higher incidence of systemic infection such as a brain fallog. Dyspnea on exertion is common. Hypoxic “tet” spells are potentially lethal, unpredictable episodes that occur even in noncyanotic patients with TOF.

Waktu tumbuh gigi 5.