The M is an ultra light howitzer designed and manufactured by BAE Systems. M is a mm 39 calibre towed gun which, through. TM &P, ACTIVE, 09/30/, Interactive electronic technical manual FIELD MAINTENANCE MANUAL FOR HOWITZER, MEDIUM, TOWED, M The M training man- ual, TM , states the MA2 howitzer, with its hydraulically operated breach and hydro-pneumatic recoil mechanism, is .

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This was the first operational deployment of the M Prime contract management is based in Barrow-in-Furness in the United Kingdom as well as manufacture and assembly of the titanium structures and associated recoil components.

This marked the longest operational shot in the history of the M howitzer, and the longest operational artillery shot in history for the Marine Corps. Retrieved 4 M77 Sea Stallion helicopter lifts an M Defense Security Cooperation Agency. Although the weapon was originally targeted at the US Army, the US Marine Corps took the initiative as it was looking for a lightweight mm system to replace all current mm and mm towed artillery systems.

The saddle is fitted with a yoke-mounted roll screw and nut elevation gear actuated mm777 handwheels on either side of the saddle. As of early six of these were in Canada and six in Afghanistan.

The Christian Science Monitor. The initial purchase is for 12 units, which may be raised to 25 units. The cannon tube assembly includes the cannon tube, muzzle brake, towing eye, primer feed mechanism and screw breech.


TM 9-1025-215-10 M777 Howitzer Operator’s Manual

Final integration and testing of the weapon is undertaken at BAE’s facility in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. A centrepost on the body receives the saddle, and a rack segment attached to the rear of the body engages with the saddle-mounted traverse gearbox enabling the saddle to be rotated through mils left and right.

The M uses a digital fire-control system similar to that found on self-propelled howitzers such as the MA6 Paladin to provide navigation, pointing and self-location, allowing it to be put into action quickly. Archived from the original on 15 November The complete upper part of the weapon was test fired at Eskmeals in June with a total of 50 rounds being fired at all elevations, 12 of which were zone 8S top charge.

The Marine howitzers fire every day in support of Iraqi maneuvers, using high explosive, smoke, and illumination rounds. In Junethe M in its A2 configuration was assigned to the U.

M777 howitzer

Retrieved 26 May Retrieved 4 January The Digital Fire Control System will be powered by a unique new design of rotary hybrid-electric engine designed and manufactured by Liquid Piston. This has a maximum range of 40 km and is accurate to 10 m.

Many of the 72 reported killed during the heaviest period of fighting were due to artillery fire from only two of these guns.


Jul Jul The magazine has the capacity for 10 M82 primers. The cradle includes four extruded titanium tubes, an accumulator, two recoil cylinders and balancing gear. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In Maythe Canadian government ordered a further 25 Ms, bringing the total to The Canadian Army has a requirement for another 34 mm lightweight howitzers.

M howitzer – Wikipedia

A loading tray is provided to the rear of the breech, which is opened automatically. A decision among five companies will be made hlwitzer US Army looking towa Although the M uses advanced materials in its construction, it is claimed to be simple to operate and maintain under field conditions. Some of the parts perform two functions, for example the Horstman Defence Systems designed hydropneumatic suspension system also operates as a hydraulic jack.

Posts – 3 joshtcohen The carriage comprises two sub-assemblies, the howitaer and the saddle. Since then an additional six weapons have been supplied which brings the total up to It can be internally transported in a number of transport aircraft including the Hoiwtzer, C, C-5 and C Transall. Its objective was to have a weapon with the same range as the US Army’s M mm towed howitzer but weighing no more than 4, kg. Retrieved 9 March