Results 1 – 16 of 16 GODS MAN: A NOVEL IN WOODCUTS by Ward, Lynd and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. Find Gods’ Man by Ward, Lynd at Biblio. Uncommonly good collectible and rare books from uncommonly good booksellers. The most important work of American artist and illustrator Lynd Ward, “Gods’ Man ” is a powerfully evocative novel, told entirely through woodcuts. Ward (

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Gods’ Man mwn a wordless novel by American artist Lynd Ward — published in In captionless woodblock printsit tells the Faustian story warv an artist who signs away his soul for a magic paintbrush. Gods’ Man was the first American wordless novel, and is considered a precursor of the graphic novelwhose development it influenced. Ward first encountered the wordless novel with Frans Masereel ‘s The Sun while studying art in Germany in He returned to the United States in and established a career for himself as an illustrator.

Gods’ Man appeared a week before the Wall Street Crash of ; it nevertheless enjoyed strong sales and remains the best-selling American wordless novel.

In the s Ward’s example inspired cartoonists Art Spiegelman and Will Eisner to create their first graphic novels.

Lynd Ward: Gods’ Man, Madman’s Drum, Wild Pilgrimage (LOA #210)

Wordless novel historian David A. Ward uses symbolic contrast of dark and light to emphasize the corruption of the city, where even in daylight the buildings darken the skies; in the countryside, the scenes are bathed in natural light.

Composition also conveys emotion: The qard of the apostrophe in the title Gods’ Man implies a plurality of godsrather than Judeo-Christianity ‘s monotheistic God. A poor artist signs a contract with a masked stranger, who gives him a magic brush, with which the artist rapidly rises in the art world.

He wanders around the city, seeing his auctioneer and mistress in everyone he sees. Enraged by the hallucinations, he attacks one of them, who turns out to be a police officer. The artist wward jailed for it, but gids escapes, and a mob chases him from the city. He is injured when he jumps into a ravine to avoid recapture.


A woman who lives in the woods discovers him and brings him back to health. They have a child, and live a simple, happy life together, until the mysterious stranger returns and beckons the artist to the edge of a cliff.

The artist prepares to paint a portrait of the stranger but fatally falls from the cliff with fright when the stranger reveals a skull-like head behind the mask. Ward —a social activist and the first chairman of the American Civil Liberties Union.

Gods’ Man – Wikipedia

Throughout his career, Ward displayed in his work the influence of his father’s interest in social injustice. There he encountered German Expressionist art, and read the wordless novel The Sun [c] ,a modernized version of the story of Icarustold in sixty-three wordless woodcut prints, by Flemish woodcut artist Frans Masereel — Ward returned to the United States inand freelanced his illustrations. Smith offered him a contract and told him the work would be the lead title in the company’s first catalog [e] if Ward could finish wxrd by the summer’s end.

The first printing appeared that October; [18] it had trade and deluxe editions. Heins — and Albert C.

The book has been reprinted and godz in a variety of editions. Gods’ Man was the first American wordless novel, [7] and gkds such European work had yet been published in the US. Labunski to compose it. Financial difficulties moved Labunski to abandon it and his other creative work.

Left-leaning artists and writers admired the book, and Ward frequently received poetry based on it. Allen Ginsberg used imagery from Gods’ Man in his warf Howl[31] [f] and referred to the images of the city and jail in Ward’s book in the poem’s annotations. Gods’ Man remains Ward’s best known and most widely read wordless oynd. Spiegelman considered this due less to the qualities of the book per se in relation to Ward’s other wordless novels as to the book’s novelty as the first wordless novel published in the US.


The artwork has drawn some unintended mirth: American writer Susan Sontag included it on her “canon of Camp ” in her essay ” Notes on ‘Camp’ “, [38] and Spiegelman admitted that the scenes of “the depiction of Our Hero idyllically skipping through the glen with the Wife and their child makes [him] snicker”.

Scott Peck objected strongly to the content of the book: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Quem tods diligunt, adolescens moritur. The Original Graphic Novels. Is Diss a System?: A Milt Gross Comic Reader.

A Wordless Novel – Gods’ Man

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