The Dice Man [Luke Rhinehart] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The cult classic that can still change your life! Let the dice decide! This is. The Dice Man is seemingly an autobiography, narrated by a bored, clever New York psychiatrist, Luke Rhinehart. He is a nerd run mad. INVASION is Luke Rhinehart’s most original, entertaining and controversial novel since THE DICE MAN. A very funny Sci-Fi adventure story, a fierce political.

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The Dice Man

He pretends to be Jesus while treating men in a mental hospital. View all 12 comments. Saw nothing, heard nothing, felt nothing.

They have been married for 60 years and there is deep love between them. Rhinehardt is a megalomaniac and even he realizes the destroying the ego actually inflates it.

It was the Goddam sense of having a self. Because, for all his wit, Luke Rhinehart is a raging man, and George Cockcroft is not. Unfortunately, the options that Rhinehart assigns to the different sides of the dice are self-destructive and, quite often, inconsiderate and selfish e.

What an ingenious idea. He goes to random bars and assumes roles to act out among rhinehartt. But Luke Rhinehart does not exist: There was also a rather confusing sub-plot revolving around a luek boy with something of a messiah complex that we never really get to the bottom of, or resolved satisfactorily.

They fired him at work? I am the Dice Man in a way I am no one else.

The Dice Man – Wikipedia

Everyone should try it! Because once you hand over your life to the dice, anything can happen. Aug 27, Liz rated it did not like it Shelves: This style of writing certainly suits the random vibe but can maj hit and miss sometimes with its inconsistency.


You know what the war in Vietnam is. He suggests that breaking the patterns may lead us to fuller lives:. Books by Luke Rhinehart. Please email me at terrancesenane gmail. On one level, readers can view The Dice Man as an adventure story.

He’s puzzled at your lack of enthusiasm.

Reading through the pages as Luke Rhinehart leaves his self dicce and transitions into The Dice Man is as exciting as it is unpredictable.

Luke Rhinehart a pretentious literary gimmick if ever I’ve seen one who creates a therapy using dice to determine the person’s action potentially exposing our illusion of free will, freeing the person from a destructive and controlling society, and destroying the ego a popular pastime for the more extreme cultist ideas. You yawn and look at your watch again. Renata Felloni and Professor Orville Boggles.

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Three days with The Dice Man: ‘I never wrote for money or fame’ | Books | The Guardian

I also wonder how different this novel would be if it hadn’t been written cice the early 70s. So he became a random man. I am without talent in any way.

This novel asks what if we stopped playing our scripted roles and opened ourselves up to other possibilities. Mar 15, Ensiform rated it did not like it Shelves: Feb 03, Peter rated it did not like it.

It’s a bold opening that would be hard to forget in any instance, but what’s amazing is that Luke Rhinehart succeeds in creating a lukke that actually lives up to this moment. I’m directing a documentary that partly uses the diceman’s plot. I could not wait maj see what the dice would tell him to do next. Feb 19, Michael McGovern rated it it was amazing. Overall – I liked it, 3 stars. Avoid at all costs – a cliche-ridden piece of badly scrawled trash. Slowly, he tells me the facts of his biography.


I know that if I open the novel and begin to read it, I, and it, will live, and my desire to work on it and complete it will bloom again. His father developed cancer in his 30s. They all have their moments but he is always at the centre.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The worst thing about it is that you can tell the author is enamored by his main character, who is a narcissistic imbecile.

As a boy, he was shy and compliant, and began to use the dice at Dicing became a minor craze.

Bill Fairclough See https: I liked the concept better than the actual book. Its protagonist is Luke Rhinehart, a professional psychiatrist who decides early in lukw novel to let dice determine his actions.

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