Lingua Latina per se Illustrata has ratings and 48 reviews. Entirely I’ve finally finished ‘Familia Romana’ part one of two of Orberg’s Lingua Latina course . Lingua Latina, Part I has 23 ratings and 2 reviews. Thomas said: You need very little knowledge of Latin or the Romance Languages to comprehend the text. Hans Ørberg’s Lingua Latina per se illustrata series is the world’s premiere textbook for learning Latin via the Natural Method. Students first learn grammar and.

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For all those eager to learn Latin

The material and vocabulary base granted through this book is unparalleled by any other Latin book I have met. Since I have’t had the privilege or misfortune of learning Latin in school, I really lqtina compare the Orberg method with, say, Wheelocks, at which seems to fashionable to hurl insult, whether the veracity of claims to its falling short be true or not.

This lihgua it on Amazon. It introduces too much vocab, too quickly, and this is a slight problem.

Hans Ørberg

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I ordered a copy linga. I re found your blog a few months ago, and have enjoyed reading laina thoughts regarding ancient language fluency. You’ll also get a great background in Grecco-Roman myth! I think LL is excellent. As the book approached it’s final quarter, I had to start reading with a dictionary beside me at all times.

Luckily I already know how Latin was pronounced. Lingua Latina – Glossarium Patrick M. Another advantage of the digital versions is that they also have audio recordings.

I’ve read through several textbooks Wheelock’s, Ecce Romani, Cambridge in search of an ideal source for my students, but was always somewhat disappointed until stumbling across Lingua Latina. Sep 10, Thomas Rivers rated it it was amazing. You learn Latin through illustrations and simple explanation in pure Latin; you will find no English in this book at all. Entirely composed in Latin, Part Lungua, Familia Romana, provides an excellent introduction to Latin, including the essentials of Latin grammar and a basic vocabulary of over words.


It is also the most popular text for teachers, at both the secondary and collegiate levels, who wish to incorporate conversational skills into their classroom practice.

» Ørberg’s Lingua Latina: an introduction for the uninitiated The Patrologist

Nonetheless, it remains unsurpassed. If you prefer, there’s also the option to subscribe to an online version on this site. In some ways rebuilding curricula etc from scratch would bear a lot of fruit, but the reality is that working within the current system is going to benefit more people in the short term.

By means of illustrations and modifications, these texts can be understood through context latinz by reference to words already learned.

Lingua Latina, Part I: Grammatica Latina I

He is the author of the Latin course “Lingua Latina secundum naturae rationem explicata” 56 ; the course was revised in 91, with a number of supplements, under the title “Lingua Latina per se illustrata. Optimus est liber grammatica de Latina quem legi, quo orrberg discipulus multa celeriter discit. Jessica Cooper rated it really liked it Jan 08, Lingua Latina per se Illustrata. In the first day, I had a guy with no Latin background whatsoever reading very simple!

Fran — I do remember you.

I found the lists of words provided on the margins very useful. As part of the “Lingua Latina: A complete line of ancillary volumes, exercises, and readers both in print and online. There’s no translating Latin into the student’s first language, “because we’ve always done it that way”. Return to Book Page.


He taught at various Danish high schools until and at the Grenaa Gymnasium until The series starts at a basic level and gradually builds from there. This is the textbook we use in my Latin class! Dwane Thomas’s o In my lifetime, I have taken about five different Latin courses, and this is the only one that ever really stuck.

Margie rated it really liked it Jan 01, Chapters consist of an illustrated and annotated reading, followed by a concise and formal discussion of the grammar used in the chapter as well as several Pensaor exercises, that require the student to apply these grammatical concepts to selections from the chapter’s reading. Latin is a largely useless dead language, but it is not unreasonable for anyone to develop lungua in esoteric subjects as long as one is honest about how useful it is note that Latinists are often not honest with themselves first.

However, for those of you who are really motivated and can’t wait to start learning Latin, I can really recommend these two books by Hans Orberg:.

Lingua Latina per se Illustrata The Latin Language Taught by Illustration is an entire novel written in Latin, complete with grammar sections in Latin and sidenotes in Latin helping explain the text.