Tai išnykstanti rūšis, įrašyta į Latvijos, Estijos, Lenkijos, Baltarusijos bei Lietuvos raudonąsias knygas. Lietuvos raudonoji knyga. Red Data Book of Lithuania. Lietuvos raudonoji knyga []. Balevičienė, Jūratė. Lietuvos Respublikos aplinkos apsaugos departamentas [Corporate Author]. Access the full text. Red Data Book of Lithuania – Lietuvos raudonoji knyga: Rare and Endangered Species of Animals, Plants and Fungi – Retosios ir nykstancios gyvunu, augalu.

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Independent Zoo Enthusiasts Society, This decision has been made in light of technical problems with the forum, which cannot be fixed or upgraded.

Lietuvos raudonoji knyga

As illustrated here, the collection is in a very fragile state and not suitable to handle, but the library hopes one day to gain funding for its preservation and full curation. The oldest book held by the Library raidonoji printed in With illustrations from photographs taken direct from nature. New data and emendations. Gray, who would shortly afterwards become the Keeper of Zoology at the British Museum.

Ledizioni-Ledipublishing, Z P.

Wilson ; foreword by William Cronon. Cambridge University Press, Glass plate negative from the collection. Many of the species are unidentifed, or raudonoui original name has changed since the piece was produced.


Natural History Museum, Granta Publications, M Publications Office of the European Union, The NaturePlus Forums will be offline from mid August Xing zheng yuan nong ye wei yuan hui lin wu ju, This BHL special collection draws on original copies and surrogates from other libraries.

The genus Pachyella Pezizales. Due to a staff training event on Tuesday 5th Julythe Library will close to visitors earlier than usual, at Much of what was illustrated was based on dead specimens brought to Hardwicke by collectors from far away.

Translated and revised for the English language edition by Michael D. The paper provides data on macromycete and myxomycete species diversity and distribution in Asveja Regional Park located in eastern Lithuania. Sign in to annotate. Flora of Peninsular Knhga.

Mažalapė saulašarė

There is plenty of evidence that they also drew living animals. At a time when hunting was fashionable and nature conservation was in its infancy, the brothers recognised the need to respect wildlife and raudonoj capture it through photography rather than by hunting down trophies. It is an example of an incunabula, an early knya printed before Oxford University Press, Studies in Ecology, Vol 5. If you wish to visit the Library, please contact us to make an appointment or Library nhm.


Hot off the press! Projeto Nacional de Monitoramento do Pinguim-de-Magalhaes: Image from Cambridge University Library. Alternatively it may have been exchanged with another collector or copied from another drawing. We plan to create new community features and services in the future so please watch this space for developments in this area. See the image below. Status, distribution and definition of mycologically important grasslands in Scotland.

They adapted their styles and techniques to the European demands for accuracy in natural history illustration to produce a collection of stunning watercolours.

Macromycetes and myxomycetes of Asveja Regional park (Lithuania)

Crossley Books ; Princeton, N. It also provides full transcriptions of his annotations and marks. The Hardwicke collection of drawings has a fascinating history. Witman and Kaustuv Roy. Longhorn beetles in Sweden: The technique and technology of harvesting and preparing brown seaweed.

In this first release of the most heavily annotated books have been made available. With the Charles Darwin Library online, now everyone can retrace how Darwin systematically used reading to advance his science.

Braje and Torben C.