Buy Bajo Presion by Carl Honore – Under Pressure is a First Customer Review. Bajo Presion – Honore, Carl , Rba Libros. ISBN Buy Bajo presión by Carl Honoré, Joan Solé (ISBN: ) from Este libro es de segunda mano y tiene o puede tener marcas y señales de su. Descargar Bajo presión Carl Honoré libros pdf, Durante generaciones, crecer fue una tarea fácil: ibas a la escuela unas horas al día, practicabas deporte y.

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As a grandmother, I love this. Jan 07, Lisa Marie rated it really liked it. An essential and inspiring read for everyone interested in calr collective future. It talks about the pressure that parents presuon on their kids.

The average suburban ten year old is not, in fact, enrolled in five extracurricular activities a week. I appreciated the author’s perspective. A revolution in how we age is on its way. Feb 05, Skylar Burris rated it it was ok Shelves: However it has no prescriptions for sucess and much of it is full of anecdotes which really don’t prove anything.

Refresh hobore try again. Not enough free play! Jan 20, cati rated it liked it. Also the chapters all started to seem pretty formulaic by the end. You should read it. I also had the opportunity to hear him speak at the start of his book tour.

To prewion honest I bought the book because I wanted to have the author sign it for me. Some of the stories and information I found so This hobore an interesting read. A good read for an overview of what’s not quite right with parenting these days and how it’s actually robbing students of czrl they need most. When you get a dose of common sense, you know it. Made of common sense, this book shifts between obvious and spot on.


He shares many mind bending thoughts like, “Competition can be thrilling for children and spur them on to play better; it can also teach them about winning and losing. The book is essentially a wakeup call to parents, and those who work with children, to re-evaluate how we child-rear.

Telling crazy story after crazy story and then writing “your kids don’t need flash cards” isn’t particularly compelling. Modern parents have turned childhood into a competitive sport.

If you have kids. Open Preview See a Problem?

The books reads more like a sensationalistic rant with outrageous story after story baj overparenting. This was an interesting read. The average nine year old is not spending seven hours in front of a screen every single day. Everything seems fairly obvious, I guess there are parents “out there” who need this book. His chapter on play touches on issues later covered in detail in the Free Range Kids.

Under Pressure: Rescuing Childhood from the Culture of Hyper-Parenting by Carl Honoré

The High Cost of Invasive Parenting” which is focussed more on the college years. I’d give this four stars, but Honore uses the phrase “take it with a shake of s This book is preaching to the choir. Published April 8th by Knopf Canada first published January 1st Each chapter summarizes problems that have been covered in more extensive detail in a variety of other individual books.

May 12, Dawn rated linro it was ok. Aug 01, Byron Wright rated it liked it. Trivia About Under Pressure: It’s controlled, one hour one-to-one playdates, formal lessons for everything, tutoring, music lessons, boring, boring, boring. He comes as a parent himself and presents the general situation for middle to upper class families.

Fasci Thought provoking exploration of the culture of hyper or hover parenting and the damages it can do to kids. Thought provoking exploration of cwrl culture of hyper or hover parenting and the damages it can do to kids. Covering everything from flash cards and Baby Einstein to aggressive intervention in schooling and too many extracurricular activities, Carl Honore maps out the ways that we over-manage children and what we can do about it.


Jun 28, Lisa rated it it was amazing. By using children as a way to relive our own lives, or as a way to make up for our personal shortcomings, we have destroyed the magic and innocence of childhood. Under Pressure by Carl Honore is not a recipe for raising children in the twenty first century.

Carl Honoré

It just makes sense to try to make our kids live more enjoyable, not less. There are a few interesting tidbits of course, it’s necessary to check the source for each and every one honorf them and the book has a good point, so I’ve decided to give it two stars instead of one. Para para poder descargar en iTunes Store, descarga iTunes ya. Those middle-class white kids know how honoe turn sticks into toys presjon play make-believe too.

This was so irrelevant to my family’s lifestyle that I couldn’t see spending any more of my precious reading time with it. Anyway, well worth the read, especially for those of us who tend to be perfectionists and tend to what our kids to have the best shot at success. Too much academic pressure!

It is full of testimonies and also interesting research that led to this magnificent piece of work. Some people feel Honore hasn’t done his research well enough.