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ley comentada pdf files. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for ley comentada pdf files. Will be grateful for any help! Top. , Pirelli & C S.P.A. Y Otros S/ Notificacio ́n Artı ́culo 8 Ley (Conc. ), adopted on 12 October Dictamen of the CNDC no. , Grupo Cları ́an. ley comentada pdf viewer. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for ley comentada pdf viewer. Will be grateful for any help!.

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The Private Competition Enforcement Review. In addition, the antitrust authorities usually review all communications made by associated competitors. Currently, the authority that enforces the Competition Act and its complementary regulations is the Secretariat of Trade the Secretariatled by Mr Miguel Braun, which formally depends on the Ministry of Production, led by Mr Francisco Cabrera, and is assisted in this matter let the CNDC 4 principally formed of economists and lawyers.

The types of anticompetitive conduct are:. The Projects and Construction Review. The new Competition Act will also create a new, independent national competition authority.

The Public Competition Enforcement Review. Arenera Argentina and others in Also of note is a leg in which the former Secretary of Trade, through Resolution No.

ley comentada pdf viewer – PDF Files

But these difficulties aside, the problems that fraud generates pose unique challenges for the legal system of any country. This new Competition Act will replace the current one and will introduce significant changes, some of which have already been referred to. Healthcare, consumer and environmental fraud. As part of an inspection, the authorities may review emails, diaries and documentation that they understand could have information or constitute evidence regarding the cartel case.

The decisions of the Secretariat may be appealed by parties to the judicial courts. As a second step, the CNDC called the representatives of the companies and of the hospitals to attend hearings. Without prejudice to other penalties that may relate to the activity, when verified acts that constitute a cartel case, or where it is noted that a monopolistic or oligopolistic position 251156 violation of the provisions of the Competition Act has been acquired or consolidated, the authority, currently the Secretariat, may enforce conditions that have the aim of neutralising the distortional effects that the activity has had on competition, or appeal to a judge to have the offending companies dissolved, liquidated, decentralised or divided.

In the history of Argentine antitrust cartel investigations there are two huge cases regarding the following markets: In practice, the antitrust authorities request, in the first instance, lwy the parties involved or third parties that may have knowledge or information leyy the collusion to provide documents or information they deem necessary to pursue the investigation. In the case of a relapse into the leu activity, the lfy could be doubled. The investigation of anticompetitive conduct or the analysis of mergers and acquisitions by the CNDC results in a non-binding recommendation to the Secretariat, which will make the final decision on the case, subject to analysis this applies lfy both merger and acquisition reviews and investigation procedures.


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Section 1 of the Competition Act establishes that acts or behaviours related to the production or trade of goods and services that limit, restrict or distort competition or constitute abuse of a dominant position in a market in a way that may result in potential or actual damage to the general economic interest, 6 are prohibited and shall be sanctioned pursuant to the rules of the law. Penalties for anticompetitive conduct are detailed in Section 46 of the Competition Act, and can be imposed by the Secretariat.

Business-focused legal analysis and insight in the most significant jurisdictions worldwide Interested in contributing? The antitrust authorities usually, in the second instance, call the parties they believe are involved in the cartel case, or third parties, to hearings. The logic behind the pecuniary fine is that the imposition and the amount of the fine act as leh for those considering engaging in anticompetitive conduct.

The current authorities support the application and enforcement of leniency programmes, and emphasise that this kind of programme helps to encourage efficiency and transparency among markets and competition. Ldy, the companies are liable for the acts of their employees even those who are not lfy a managerial position performed on their behalf, ely their benefit or with their assistance.

Further and in cases where the fine could not be determined by using the aforementioned factors, a fine of up to million indexable units which are determined by lfy new Competition Act can be imposed. However, a proposed amendment to the antitrust law was submitted to Congress and approved by the Argentina House of Representatives on 22 November Under current Argentine legislation, fines for infringing the Competition Act range from 10, to million Argentine pesos.

Once approved by the Senate, the Act has to be regulated within the next 60 business 25516. Nonetheless, the CNDC has stated, in one of its last precedents, 8 that the following are the principal characteristics of collusive practices: The Dominance and Monopolies Review.

ley comentada pdf files – PDF Files

Further, Lsy 2 of the Competition Act provides a detailed list of anticompetitive conduct that could be considered unlawful by the competition authorities. Finally, any agreements or terms and conditions that infringe the Competition Act might be declared null and void. The chapters in this book, which contain a wealth of learning about these significant developments around the world, will serve as a useful place to begin.


Others will be recent international conventions, where regard must be had to the decisions of other jurisdictions. The bill has already passed to the Senate, where is expected to be approved in the next few months. The law and the named decree were complemented by regulations regarding the procedures established in them. The Virtual Currency Regulation Review.

Both cases were appealed to judicial courts and to the Supreme Court of Justice, and the sanctions imposed by the competition authority were confirmed by both. The settlement proposal submitted by Prisma consisted of a structural and a behavioural remedy.

Explore our content Close. The Employment Law Review. Under the new Competition Act, fines will be increased.

The Foreign Investment Regulation Review. In this case, the authorities highlighted that another 251156 to consider when evaluating the possibilities of collusion in an oligopolistic market is transparency, as it is an efficient tool that allows companies to reveal the actions of their competitors. Cartels are considered by the Argentine antitrust authorities as well as by antitrust authorities worldwide as serious infringements of the Competition Act because, as previously stated, they constitute one of the practices that are the most severely punished by the antitrust authorities.

Ley 25.156 de Defensa de la Competencia

The conclusion of this investigation was that there was a lack of competition and transparency in the market. One of the key provisions of the Competition Act is the merger and acquisitions control procedure. There are no 21556 expressly included in the Competition Act regarding cartel cases. Some of the sources of their laws will be domestic and will have evolved over time.

In 21556 to all the sanctions described above, the individuals or legal entities who are injured by the acts and behaviours forbidden by the Competition Act may sue for damages in a court ly competent jurisdiction in accordance with the laws of Argentina. Recently, two relevant cases, which involved claims for damages and were previously sanctioned by the CNDC, were initiated as a consequence of anticompetitive conduct.

As regards anticompetitive practices the new Competition Act will:.