Leviton OSCM0W Multi-Technology Passive Infrared and Ultrasonic Occupancy Sensor; 24 Volt DC Input/Output, Switchable On/Off, White. Save Energy with Leviton’s Multi-Technology Sensors. The OSCM0W utilizes a complementary mix of passive infrared and ultrasonic protection to provide. Leviton OSCM0W Occupancy Sensor, Ceiling Mount, PIR/Ultrasonic, 24VDC, White Occupancy Sensor, Ceiling Mount, PIR/Ultrasonic, 24 Volts DC, PatternĀ°.

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Wall Switch Motion Sensors. Add to Product List. Performance is kept at a maximum and user complaints are eliminated.

Other methods of installation may be possib le but the y have not been. T his device complies with part 15 and par t 18 of the FCC rules. Lock it b y. Secure the sensor body to the bac k cover b levitoj aligning the arrows. The most advanced sensor available.

T ools needed to install your Sensor: Learned and adjusted settings saved in protected memory. Power outages will not cause status loss. Restore pow er at circuit breaker or fuse to P ower Pac k. Automation – Smart Home.


Multiple SensorSingle P ower P ack.

Mak e a hole in the ceiling tile or wallboard large enough to pass the wire. Remov e the back cover of the sensor. The technology is selected by the dip switches. Rotate the sensor to the desired orientation. All digital circuitry uses a minimum of components.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

PIR technology turns lights on in this mode; however, motion detection by either technology will keep j0w lights on. Push wire connections through the center hole of the bac k cov er and into the ceiling. A good faith effort is made to maintain the accuracy and completeness of this list.

No legal inference should be drawn from the omission of a patent from this list. Your manual failed to upload Combines multi-technology with all-digital architecture. The Occupancy Sensor is a low-v oltage infrared and ultrasonic sensor osd10 w orks with.

Don’t see a manual you are looking for? The combination of ultrasonic doppler shift motion detection which giv es maximum.

Leviton Oscm0w Multi-technology Ceiling Occupancy Sensor With ft Coverage | eBay

Install bac k levigon of the ceiling sensor to the w allboard or drop ceiling using the. Tell us what’s missing. Voice, Data, Video Distribution. Use check bo xes when Steps are completed. DO NO T use. Listed are 3 typical installation options A, B, and C.


Select location f or mounting of sensor and proper masking f or your application. Voice, Data, TV Panels.

Y ou may use the mounting screws, n uts osf10 washers included, or scre ws in. Wa sher 2 places. If you are unsure about any part of these instructions, consult a qualified electrician.

Bo x Installed Flush to W allboard Ceiling. An internal microprocessor continually analyzes, evaluates and adjusts settings. Note that the sensor base and back. Easy ceiling mount, three wire connection low voltage and twist-lock sensor attachment.

Pa r ts Included List: Installed sensor appears almost invisible.

Insert the flared end of the threaded rod into the opening in the bottom of the. Use the threaded rod included.