LEGO Villa Savoye Set Instructions Viewer. If you’ve lost your original instructions, or just want to try building something new, these are the full building . Download LEGO instructions on your computer or mobile device for Villa Savoye set number to help you build these LEGO sets. LEGO set database: Villa Savoye. Set number: ; Name: Villa Savoye; Set type: Normal; Theme group: Model making; Theme: Architecture.

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Straight away, we get to see how the incongruous red and blue plates are used.

They make good shelf-mates. And all the info included about the house is just wonderful.

Posted September 4, edited. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. These things get everywhere. Light bluish grey plates form terracing around the edges; it’s interesting that several 2×2 plates are used instead of say more 2×12 plates, which have already been used in the base. Posted January 1, edited. But I’m really waiting for The Eames house and build it sitting in my new Vitra lounge chair! Legk for yet another extensive review of a set in the Architecture range.

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The 61 trans-clear 1×2 plates might be useful, but they were on the Pick-a-Brick wall recently, and we’ve got thousands of the things. Steen Sig Andersen doesn’t get a credit on the box, as far as Llego can see. Oh, and GRogall – I don’t suppose you’ve tracked down anything on yet? Register a new account.


Somewhat disappointingly, this set doesn’t have any hidden features; it’s pretty much what-you-see-is-what-you-get. This is the equivalent of ‘playability’ on a regular LEGO set, but you aren’t really going to play with this, are you?

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Unfortunately, I wasn’t able in the end to make the journey to Poissy to see this building in the flesh. Note the surprising red and blue plates. Sign in Already have an account? The only other contemporary set they appear in is Sungnyemun. Next to the regal splendour of the dark red Robie Houseshe manages to hold her own; these two go rather well together, having a similar base but nicely contrasting colours. It loses a point only for the asymmetrical windows and ‘air-conditioning’ rear end.

At this point, I’d recommend pushing the pilotis up so that they sit flush with the upper floor. Anything that isn’t tiled here will be covered up Enjoy your building experience!

His work is just too great to ignore. The last remark I’ll make is that I just LOVE that TLG puts in so much effort and information in the instructions – they’re always interesting to read through again after the build is done! As with every Architecture set I’ve built, we start with the base.

Villa Savoye | Brickset: LEGO set guide and database

I remember being delighted by the ‘puzzle piece’ construction of Fallingwaterand Robie House has lots of removable sections you can put things in, if you were so inclined. Unless, that is, you are anal about lining them up correctly. Eight polybags and two loose plates fall are carefully removed from the box:. Opening the quality card of the front cover, we are greeted with a contents page, followed by some twenty pages of introduction, containing a guide to the house and its architectural significance, its history and vital statistics, and a biography of the architect, all with exhaustive commentary in both English savoyf French:.


Are they visible at all once the build is complete or are they just a little easter egg to discover as you’re building the set? Even though it’s no longer a surprise, it feels like TLG really care about their Architecture customers. Information about the architect surrounds the model in six European languages: From this angle, the curvy roof wall thingy almost looks like a sail.

Absent from my review copy of the box is the piece count and ‘Building Toy’ reminder of lsgo first official box art we have seen, which presumably is the US version.