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These are typically tropical and other fruits e. Towards the end of the s, sales of these fruit juices were increasing by 80 percent per year. Access to the Swiss market for products from developing countries and countries in transition is set by regulations on equivalence. Produkte vergleichen noch einfacher gemacht. Foreign producers, for their part, hope for more efficient distribution of juices within Switzerland.

BIO SUISSE sets tough requirements for imported products for example, insisting on whole farm organic management, refusing to award the label to competing products and prohibiting air transport. The well-established market for traditional Swiss juices apple, pear, etc. Aspartam ist keine Alternative zu Zucker. The availability and choice of organic products is increasing across all channels, but especially in the supermarket chains.

However imports of fruit are actually higher lebensmitteverordnung those of vegetables.

Trend in import development until Carrots, different types of cabbages, broccoli and onions will continue to be the major products. The most important vegetables are lebensmittelverordning, cabbage and celery, while, due to problems related to weeds and diseases, organic onions hold a significantly low share of sales – only four-five percent.

Foreign exporters to the Swiss market should nevertheless take these requirements into consideration since the final products processed from imported raw materials must comply with them.

  JP 3-15.1 PDF

The main organic products of animal origin are milk, meat or meat products, eggs and dairy products, the latter being the most important product group. Test zeigt alarmierende Resultate Video-Datei A high price difference between organic products and conventionally produced foods is the most powerful limiting factor on demand. In fact, some Swiss operators are looking to export organic vegetables to the UK and Germany. Importers want less administrative workload imposed by the Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture and more transparency in relation to import quotas.

Furthermore, the use of ethylene schwfiz accelerate the ripening process of bananas is a matter of controversy. Null Kalorien, aber hohes Risiko Unter diese Verordnung fallen Lebensmittel, die aus ganzen Tieren oder deren Teilen bestehen oder daraus isoliert oder erzeugt wurden, sofern die aus diesen Tieren gewonnenen Lebensmittel eine Verwendungsgeschichte als sicheres Sdhweiz in der EU haben.

The figure illustrate that roughly 15 percent of organic fruit and vegetable products are imported into Switzerland.

The area set aside for greenhouse organic production is only 26 ha, of which approximately two-thirds is used for tomato production. Some firms have already specialized in this area.

FERRARI Maximum Rose DOC – Spumante Metodo Classico

Die mobile Revolution Der Verzehr von Insekten wird als Entomophagie bezeichnet, bei Speiseinsekten und deren kulturellen Hintergrund geht es um die Entomophagie beim Menschen. The percentage of organic pears in total pear production was lebensmittelverogdnung three percent in the year Im Schweizer Honig hat es Mikroplastik. High customs duties are levied on a range of agricultural products such as sugar, cereals, vegetable oils and dairy products.

Imports from Least Developed Countries are exempted from customs duties for the majority of headings in the customs tariffs. During the late s, strong growth in vegetable and fruit production and sales were observed. The future market prospects are good. This may be the case even with products that Switzerland can easily produce all year round.


Das Smartphone gibt Auskunft. Today, ten percent of all vegetables sold in COOP are sold as organic.

Individual authorizations are listed annually in the Swiss official trade gazette Schweizerische Handelsamtsblatt. Nuts are bought primarily from Turkey, almonds from California and Turkey, figs from Turkey and dates from Tunisia. In anderen Sprachen English Links bearbeiten. Billiges Fett in immer mehr Lebensmitteln. Imports of certified organic fruit and vegetables into Switzerland 3. Aus dem Badezimmer, frisch auf den Tisch – wir essen Mikroplastik aus Kosmetikprodukten.

Migros Bio do not prohibit air transport. This certificate is presented to the importer in Switzerland.

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The primary countries of origin for imported organic vegetables are Italy and France. There was a three-fold increase in production lebensmittelverordnujg and This is particularly so as supermarket chains become more involved in building demand, in trying to complete their organic fruit and vegetable range and reduce seasonal shortages. It forms the basis for the disbursal of ecologically motivated direct payments in Switzerland and is an expression of the Swiss agricultural policy objective to promote organic farming.

Codecheck – Produkte scannen und Alternativen anzeigen. Many consumers make no distinction between organic and fair trade bananas. Many consumers of organic foods associate organic farming with regional and seasonal production. The market situation for processed vegetables, such as spinach, is one of undersupply.