Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy by Lawrence Lessig. Lawrence Lessig, the reigning authority on intellectual property in the Remix is an urgent, eloquent plea to end a war that harms our children and other. Ben said: I’d recommend Remix to anyone who creates content, whether as part of their Lawrence Lessig, the reigning authority on intellectual property in the.

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Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy

Access is the mantra of the YouTube generation. The same with music: Count on a future of simple docking devices that amplify or project content accessed through an iPod-like device. It kessig a response. Or even carbon polluters. This was the relation- ship between culture and the particular form through which we regulate culture—copyright law.

Personally, I kno What does it mean to turn an entire generation into criminals? He finds it unnecessary to wage a war on piracy, when criminalizing the behavior has failed to deter the action in young people. More dramatically, and speaking as a father myself, I believe that the experience of fatherhood Lessig does it again, and does it better. Then, using a program called Audio- Mulch, he would order and remix the tracks to prepare for a perfor- mance.

We watch a movie. Law professors write for law journals. He says that copyright laws need to be redefined. He talks about Wikipedia and Youtube but I didn’t understand how this tied in to his argument. Indices like this show the revealed preferences of the lessug sphere. Within five minutes, I elssig found clips with both friends, which I watched with utter joy.


There are literally thousands that are shared non- commercially at the leading site, animemusicvideos. Criminalizing an entire generation is too high a price to pay for almost any end. In the absence of written culture, stories and histories were shared communally between performers and their audiences, giving rise to version after version, each new version surpassing the last as it incorporated the contributions and feed- back of the audience, each new version layered with new details and twists as it was inflected through the collective.

This book did not disappoint. It should instead regulate uses–like public lawrrnce of copies of copyrighted work–that connect directly to the economic incentive copyright law was intended to foster.

The extreme of regula- tion that copyright law has become makes it difficult, and sometimes impossible, for a wide range of creativity that any free society—if it thought about it for just a second—would allow to exist, legally.

The code of a digital copy of that film does not.

Lawrence Lessig: Decriminalizing the Remix

Had Ben written the estate of Ernest Hemingway to ask for permission to quote For Whom the Bell Tolls in his college essays, lawyers at the estate would have been annoyed more than anything else. These markets are complemen- tary, not competitive.

And as the lessons of this change get spread, content pro- viders will increasingly recognize that free access pays. Ono was not willing to grant the rights requested. Indeed, he believed this change was already happening. The publishers are going to fight the Googlezation of books.

Lawrence Lessig: Decriminalizing the Remix – TIME

They filed a counternotice, assert- ing that no rights of Universal or Lawrende were violated, and that Stephanie Lenz certainly had the right to show her baby dancing.


This simple framing creates a profound confusion.

We read a book. The International Fed- eration of the Phonographic Industry European cousin to the RIAA reported suing more than ten thousand people in eighteen countries lawrrnce the end of For the most part, though the book is expansive and reflective.

For the first time, [copyright law] reaches beyond the professional to control the amateur.

Remix: Making Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy

With these new technologies, and for the first time in history, a musical composition could be turned into a form that a machine could play—the player piano, for example, or a phonograph. Technorati says it updates its index every ten minutes. But when I do, it has something to do with an ethic I believe that we all should live by.

When ads came every thirty minutes or so, for many, they were a welcome break. Needless to say, that fact was pretty symbolic for me. Girl Talk the band was born in late on a Toshiba originally purchased for college.

Instead, I want to you imagine the confer- ence room at Universal where the decision was made to threaten Stephanie Lenz with a federal lawsuit. But it didn’t stop there. On the remix as an art form: And in fact, Disney has complained about kids at a kindergarten painting Mickey on a wall. They quote content from various sources to create something “new”. These examples bias me.

We will not have a vocal chord left.