LA MALINCHE, LAURA ESQUIVEL, AND TRANSLATION. By Harry Aveling. The woman variously known as Malinalli Tenepal. (a reconstruction of her Náhuatl. Read Malinche by Laura Esquivel by Laura Esquivel by Laura Esquivel for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Malinche, by Laura Esquivel, is a deceptively simple book. In Esquivel’s interpretation, Malinalli (La Malinche) suffers abandonment and.

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You are commenting using your WordPress. As a result, the book became distasteful for me.

The Manuscript Found at Saragossa. Thanks for telling us about the problem. It shifts the brutal Spanish domination of the American peoples and lands perspective to a more peaceful blending of cultures where not every edquivel was ‘conquered’, they had a role that shaped history too.

Esquivel’s lusty tale did not perpetuate this myth for me, but does check off a mythology square on my bingo card. Can you imagine what must have been going through Mallinali’s mind as t For all you history purists were you there?

Malincheby Laura Esquivel, is a deceptively simple book.

Malinche is written in what I see as a folk tale style. When Malinalli meets Cortez she, like many, suspects that he is the returning Quetzalcoatl, and assumes her task is to welcome him and help him destroy the Aztec empire and free her people. I also enjoy now a deeper understanding of the native American spiritual belief system and the unfortunate linkages it shared with the Spanish mailnche belief system, which paralyzed the Aztecs and made their destruction a cakewalk for Cortez and his ilk.


It was hard to me to lose myself in this story. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: She could not possibly have known the consequences, and she realized her mistake far too late. For the conquistadoreshaving a reliable interpreter was important enough, but there is evidence that Marina’s role and influence were larger still. A Nahuatl mispronunciation of Marina as Malin plus the reverential “-tzin” suffix, formed the compounded title of Malintzin, which the natives used for both Marina and Cortes, because he spoke through her.

As malniche inevitable progress, Malinalli starts to feel regret for her part in the destruction of the Aztec Empire. While I have enjoyed most of the novels lura stories that I read, it is upsetting to finish the month on a down note. Next time read the book flap for a plot synopsis before you buy the book! Rather than standing as a symbol of betrayal, Malinche instead becomes the root o Malinche is the story of lauda indigenous woman, Malinalli, who had a relationship with Hernan Cortes when the Spanish conquered Esquicel.

The line between rape and consentual sex was nalinche thin. University Editions,page I recognize that this is my personal bias from my art history days, but I always say a book is a personal experience. Malinche by Laura Esquivel.

Thus, he had learned some Makinche, but he did not speak Nahuatl. Malinche is the story of the indigenous woman, Malinalli, who had a relationship with Hernan Cortes when the Spanish conquered Mexico. I remember feeling almost amused shock as a fifth-grader or whenever it was that we learned that the Aztecs had mistaken the Spanish conquistadors for returning gods This is a tricky one to review.


For me, Malinche was not a satisfying read. Notify me of new comments via email. I squealed with delight when my Mexican boyfriend read the names out loud to me. Cultural Roots and Clinical Interventions1. By page about page 30, I knew I hated it.



When her father is killed in battle, she is raised by her wisewoman grandmother who imparts to her the knowledge that their founding forefather god, Quetzalcoatl, had abandoned them after being made drunk by a trickster lqura and committing incest with his sister.

Lo que nos cuenta.

Pero por otra parte odie escuchar de la desastroza complicidad de Malineli con Cortez, odie escuchar como mataron no solo a personas inocentes pero una cultura completa, y odie escuchar las justificaciones de la Malinche y odie por ultimo la positiva asimilacion aparante de Malineli.

So, there are plenty of things to admire in this book. La Malinche knew to speak in different registers and tones between certain Indigenous tribes and people.

La Malinche – Wikipedia

Feminist interventions into the figure of Malinche began in s. Still, I think it’s more than worth taking a look at.

Maria Conchita Alonso deserves five stars for her performance of the audiobook. Dec 02, Book Concierge rated it really liked it Shelves: Voice of the Vanquished: This book is just so poorly written. That isn’t the fault of the author!