ODO YAKUZA TOKYO – second edition author: Anton Kusters reproduction of 92 images of the YAKUZA project; 14 reproductions of. Odo Yakuza Tokyo has 8 ratings and 1 review. Kevin said: This photography book disappointed, probably because I had set high expectations. Anton Kusters. Odo Yakuza Tokyo. Below is an excerpt of my conversation with Anton Kusters, talking about the birth of his first book. We are.

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I think I always should strive for that… building a career hopefully on the merits of who I am as a person, shown through and in connection with my images. Lists with This Book.

What a wonderful achievement!

Anton Kusters Odo Yakuza Tokyo Print Photography Book 1st Edition Japan / | eBay

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. This book is physically exquisite but more importantly, it is a testament to our common humanity whatever our choices or ways of being in the world. Just caught your first post — great to hear the presentation of the book to the Yakuza yakuzs well.

After 3 days of writing and working on pictures and watching 5 films, it was kusteds to open it…. What happened is that as long as I stayed in Romania, I just kept shooting the rural life as well as life in Bucharest and there was seemingly no end to the projects because I enjoy doing them so much.

It is indeed one big under-the-skin struggle of survival in the modern world more than anything else. Sorry, very tired and out of the loop here on the last 24hrs or so gee, things move fast around here…I like that!

‘Odo Yakuza Tokyo’ — a Glimpse at Japan’s Tattooed Gangsters

I could go on but there are more chapters to follow that will require more comment, especially film. ALL On my way now to Taka-san, our fixer, to present him a copy of the book… Our main man… Plus he will see his own artwork for the first time in print every chapter in the book is preceded by Japanese calligraphy done by him back later…. ANTON physically speaking, i am sooo tired….


First, a very happy birthday. But contrary to what you state, attention can surely be non-judgemental. Kussters Campbell June 17, at 9: Patricia Lay-Dorsey June 20, at 6: Adobe Lightroom tomyo as my master archive, and I export from there. I feel honored to know him and will be forever grateful and proud that I was one of the first buyers of Odo Yakuza Toyko. Framers Intent June 17, at 2: Attention is always biasedof course odl that is exactly what I tkoyo sayingbut always judgemental?

The funeral service for high ranking boss Miyamoto-san — It never is the first point if I look at a body of work. Am I a bad person? This book is a jewel, shining with beauty, truth, depth, sincerity, respect and integrity.

I might use another film for a next project, or another camera, or lens….

It does require extra work in the field, you have to count an extra 2 days every time to do editing and to meet again to present your images of the stay…. These are astounding pictures. I went ahead and placed the order and paypal took it. Members of the Odo family pose in the streets of Kabukicho, the red light district in the heart of Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan.

Brian Frank July 22, at 1: Will read back through the comments later if I get enough done. You deserve all good things with this remarkable book, and soon-to-be-started documentary film. Mike R June 27, at 4: I wish Anton would go deeper into his own soul, not brush off his responsibility as an observer, and show us pictures taken from inside the rabbit hole where he acts the part of the vulnerable rabbit.

Odo Yakuza Tokyo by Anton Kusters

I said to myself three or four times turning pages: Mike R June 27, at I like to see images and at the fokyo time see the photographers behind, to know the photographer thourght the lense. Car traffic is redirected and he is surrounded by bodyguards, as he steps out of the car and into the place of worship — I mean that in the best possible way.


There are plans for a documentary film, after the summer my brother Malik and I will be movig forward on that one. GORDON, it is a very different beast indeed… let me know what you think… and mucho thanks for buying…. So your essay, your book is, how would you describe what it is in relationship to a crime organization?

Gordon Lafleur June 21, at Thanks for telling us about the problem. Nowadays, this is still commonplace within the Yakuza — I want toyko hold the physicalness of this book in my hand, both to admire and to be inspired by.

Well, the bottom line is, Anton, you have your first book… Tell me, a first book is comparable to what? I might have to find that one out as we go along, because I actually just want to show, I think, basically what I just said, I started feeling yajuza that Yakuza is many shades of grey, and not simple black vs white. I will be a cat now! Vissaria Skoulida June 18, at 1: Hidden Japanese beach, where young recruits are trained in martial arts and weaponry — Carlo July 13, at odp It is never nonjudgmental.

And yet, does this truth not remember us as scattering seed? Souichirou making a phone call in front of Niigata prison, as 2 members who were incarcerated are released —