This reference is one of the key references of the Church of Scientology and is often OSA training checksheet notes the KSW doctrine is a required element. Proving that she’s no slouch in the “Keeping Scientology Working” department, and not one to play second fiddle to Tom Cruise, Kirstie Alley. Looking it up, I found that “Keeping Scientology Working” refers to policy The problem with “KSW”, is that what it really means is “The CoS’s.

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Leaks News About Partners. Do Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten and you will knock out of your road all the future thorns. Discovery contribution was not however part of the broad picture. Hubbard demanded that this reference, called a “policy letter”, be put as the first reference of every course in Scientology; he considered it that important. Having the correct technology. They have an idea of why change what works? Please review these basic guidelines.

Similarly, if you did have a science of the mind, it would be based on observations of people and inferences about their minds, it would not be based on the infallible and sacred utterances of L.

Squirreling going off into weird practices or altering Scientology only comes about from noncomprehension. Ron Hubbard says “The proper instruction attitude is, ‘You’re here so you’re a Scientologist.

Keeping Scientology Working (KSW)

For example, when we’re angry we generalize; we over-simplify; we insult other people instead of sticking to the facts. There is another aspect to this which is even more pernicious. But only the tigers survive—and even they have a hard time. It’s only in the past few years that people have made a distinction. I never realized, for example, that independent Scientology was different from the free zone.

There is a risk that you can ruin your case in reading these materials. No physicist has ever said that scienology words of Galileo can never be changed, and that any attempt to do or believe anything other than exactly what Galileo said is a crime against physics. Views Read View source View history.


The common denominator of a group is the reactive bank.

Keeping Scientology Working

What computer to use If the computer you are uploading from could subsequently be audited in an investigation, consider using a computer that is not easily tied to you. He compiled them under the name of Scientology and assigned himself as owner, founder and inventor of it all. Explain the term KSW? Full explanation of this rule can be found here. It’s bad enough to not get a thank-you; it’s another for him to say he did.

Though I also know that there is a sliding scale of fundamentalism. And it’s not short, either.

Some points are a matter of interpretation and opinion, such as: It’s a Scientologist’s goal to “improve conditions,” which means improving your relationship with yourself and to those within your group. Hubbard gets some credit for paying attention to nutrition and vitamins in an era when they were pooh-poohed, but science knows a lot more about those subjects these days.

Scientologists at almost every turn in their training must read ” Keeping Scientology Working ” which includes “Having the correct technology” and “Hammering out of existence incorrect technology.

But there are many who would never even consider doing that. Keeping Scientology Working Series 5R 2. Wiki resource of Scientology data, run by Independent Scientologists and people in the Scientology freezone. However, since KSW means that nothing can be changedthe CofS follows the original policies to the letter. Person to person the bank is identical. The Cause of Suppression. Advanced users, if they wish, can also add a further layer of encryption to their submission using our public PGP key.

A place to find definitions for Scientology terminology in plain English Official Church of Scientology website: John McGuigan January Take fast action to correct it.


If that sciebtology so, we’d never have seen open source software. Chapter 1 excerpt Chart: This reference is one ,sw the key references of the Church of Scientology and is often referred to as “KSW1”, short for “Keeping Scientology Working, Series 1” – meaning the first or primary reference of that series.

By non-standard is meant, anything which differs in any way from what LRH said. He ended by writing: Personal tools Log in.

Journalists are automatically considered SPs because they traffic in bad news and so are barred from entering Scientology. Ironically-I doubt any real devotion to any policy was ever truly realized, even by lrh himself.

You scramble to that location, and dig up the marked location You find a large locked box – anything could be in there, but you’re assured it was treasure A man in a suit appears, and offer you a series of clues to find the key to that lock Technical users can also use Tails to help ensure you do not leave any records of your submission on the computer. She uses so much cult jargon that a glossary is necessary just to read the article. Fair enough, and that does make sense. And worse, it could not be straightened out easily because neither one of these people could or would duplicate instructions.

Cruise’s relentless stare is actually a technique from “Success Through Communication” training routine TR drills. LRH makes the rather bizarre claim that anytime he has taken anyone else’s advice in creating Scientology, he has had to eat crow.