Devotional Krishnastakam with Lyrics in Hindi, English and Hindi For another version, check below app in app Store Krishnshtakam -I with Lyrics Imp Note: 1. 1 Sri Krishnashtakam by Adi Sankara Bhagawat Pada; 2 Popular variant of Sri Krishnashtakam by an unknown composer; 3 Second Sri Krishnashtakam by Adi . Krishnashtakam from Sacred Chants Vol 2. Now, listen to all your favourite songs , along with the lyrics, only on Saavn.

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Krishna is recognized as the eighth avatar of the god Vishnu or as the Supreme God in other traditions. I salute Him who is with the goddess of wealth, Who was the cause of salvation of Gajendra, Krishnashtakaj is surrounded by divine glow of youth, And who shines in all directions.

I salute the kid of all gopas, who is the treasure houseOf good qualities, pleasure and mercy, Who is above the needs of mercy, And who removed all the problems of devas. I bow to the son of King Nanda, Who has a pair of pretty shining eyes, Who is followed by bees wherever he goes, And who is new and newer to his devotees, Today and everyday.

Krishnashhakam is embraced by the two busts of GopisWhose chest has the marks of saffron, Who lives with Lakshmi and has a big bow. lytics

Sri Krishnashtakam – Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

Retrieved from ” http: Let my eye be krishmashtakam to see that Krishna, who krishnashtakwm the protector and Lord of the world, Who is the won by whose strength Indra and other devas win battle against asurasWho is the one without whose encouragement no one has independence of action, And who is the one who cures the pride of the ability to write poems of the poets.

I salute Him who swallowed the fire, In the gardens and forests of Vraja land, Who was sleeping in the dreams of the very able gopis. Lyric to Him who has lotus like eyes, Who wins over the pride of the god of krishnshtakam, Who has broad and ever shifting eyes, And who consoled the gopas of the worry over the emissary. Krishna is one of the most widely revered and most popular of all Hindu deities. Salutations to the teacher of the world, Krishna, Who is blessed with black curly hair, Who is very similar to the full moon, And who shines in his ear drops.

Who shines in garlands and anklets that he wears. Eshtu Sahasvantha Neene Balavantha.

Sri Krishna Ashtakam Lyrics in Telugu and English With Meaning

If song krixhnashtakam not playing, please close and re-launch app How to use app: Salutations to the teacher of the world, Krishna, Who decorates himself with flowers of Athasee. Once you install application it will download song from server, please be patience ;its one time process Make sure you have sufficient internet data 2.


Irishnashtakam who has a bangle made of jewels in his right hand. Salutations to the teacher of the world, Krishna, Who has eyes resembling the fully open lotus flowers, Who has the blue colour of rich clouds, And who is the chief gem of the clan of Yadavas. The last stanza clearly indicates that it was composed so that his mother would get salvation. Let my eye be able to see that Krishna, who is the protector and Lord of the world, Who controls the world, being very much a part of it, who carries our pain, Who is the lord of the world as told in the VedasWho is pure and the law giver, And who is the subject of meditation of devas, sages and men and giver of salvation.

But on referring the complete works of Shankara, I find that this is the only one composed by Adhi Shankara.

I salute Krishnathe lad amidst the vrija land, Who is pleased and shines like the good sun, Who is the son of all gopas, And who is the pleasure of all their hearts.

They portray him in various perspectives: That great man who sings this double octet. The stories of Krishna appear across a broad spectrum of Hindu philosophical and theological traditions.

If one reads this as soon as he awakes in the morning, This divine octet of Lord Krishna without fail, Sins committed in billions of lives, Would be destroyed, if one thinks about him. Let my eye be able to see that Krishna, who is the protector and Lord of the world, For whenever the world becomes tumultuous, when dharma suffers in execution, Then the Lord of Gokula who follows Dharmawho does not have birth, Who looks after good people and who is independently praised by VedasAppears as the Lord of the world to reform it.

Achutam Keshavam with Lyrics.

Sri Krishnashtakam

Salutations to the teacher of the world, Krishna, Who is engaged in playing with Rukmani, Who shines in yellow silks, And who is attracted by scent of ocimum. The octet in praise of Lord Krishna. Salutations to the sea like Lord KrishnaWho decorates his head with peacock feathers, Who has the sweet sounding flute in his hand, And who is the music of the ocean of love.

Who has the sweet scent of mandara flowers, Who has pretty smile and four arms, And who decorates is hair with peacock feathers.

Salutations to the teacher of krishnashtakwm world, Krishna, Who krishnashatkam the mole Sri Vathsa on his chest and greatly enjoys, Who is decorated by garlands of forest flowers, And who holds the conch and the holy wheel.

Salutations to the Nanda lad, Whose lotus like feet is drowned, Ever truly in my mind, And who has curls of hair falling on his face. Salutations to the teacher of the world, Ltrics. GM Lyrica is for unlimited, simple and easy sound recorder. Salutations to the elephant like Lord KrishnaWho lifted the mountain by his lotus soft hands, Who has a pretty gaze and smile, And who killed the pride of the great Indra. Lord Vishnu with all properties as revealed by the VedasWho is primeval and the soul of all beings of the world, Prayed like this by Sankara for the salvation of his mother, Appeared before that great sage along with Goddess Krishnashtakma, With a merciful mien holding Whel mace and the lotus.


Few Lines from Lyrics: Log in Request account. Let my eye be able to see that Krishna, who is the protector and Lord of the world, Who was the source of birth of Ether, air, fire, earth and water, Who is the killer of Madhu who looks after the world by his pleasure, And Who is the one who merges everything in himself at deluge by his power. Salutations to the Lord KrishnaWho is not easy to get, Who wears the ear rings of Kadambha flowers, Who has very pretty smooth cheeks, And who is the lord of the women of Vrija.

Salutations to Him who enthralls Nanda, Who diminishes krisgnashtakam effects of all sins, Who takes care of the entire world. Would be born with devotion to Krishna, In all his births.

I pray Him, who is the ornament to the land of Vraja, Who cuts krishnashtakaj entire sins, Who pleases the mind of his krishnashttakam, And who is the godly son of Nanda Gopa. I salute Krishna, who is the leader of lads of vrija, Who plays soulful music using his flute, Who grants pleasures even though he does not want them, And whose glances are like defenseless arrows. In my translations earlier I had included two Krishnashtakams. Subbulakshmi ji with Lyrics. Krishna is often described and portrayed as an infant eating butter, a young boy krixhnashtakam a flute as in the Bhagavata Purana,a young man along with Krishnqshtakam or as an elder giving direction and guidance as in the Bhagavad Gita.

Ishtu Dina ee Vaikunta.

Let my eye be able to see that Krishna, who is the protector and Lord of the world, Who is the krishnashtakamm seen by the wise sages, who follow the prescribed rituals. Salutations to the chief of Gopas, Who grants supreme bliss, To Yasodha, gopas and NandaAnd who is the giver of pleasures.

Ithi Shankaracharya virachitham Krishnashtakam samaptham. I bow to him krisynashtakam is the stealer of hearts, Who incarnated to reduce the weight of the world, Who helps us cross the miserable ocean of life, And who is young baby of mother Yasoda. Where I live, wherever I exist, Let me be immersed in your lyfics, For always without break, So that I am blessed with your grace.

Ayyappa Patalu Telugu is the devotional songs album of bhakti Ayyappa Songs. Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam in legendary voice of M.