The scanning application and libkscan library which were formerly included in kdegraphics – KDE/kooka. Kooka has been the scan application of choice for the KDE project and is an official part of the KDE Graphics Package. However, Kooka has been dropped from. Start Kooka from the main menu or enter the command kooka. When started, Kooka opens a three-frame window with a menu bar to the upper left and a toolbar.

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Digikam, Kooka: Scanning with Epson V200?

Since I am very new to the scanning game, I don’t yet appreciate or even understand much of the available functionality, but there is lots more!

I use gnome; is there a similar program in gnome? As it turns out, for me at least, Kooka has one advantage: You could reply now: Use of scanners or copiers involves risk of violation of copyright.

Scanning an image and saving it as an image file 1 Select at lower left which settings you want to use for the scan: What I really wanted was exactly that: Your results will vary, since OCR depends heavily on clarity of scan, dpi, type of font, font kerning, dictionary used This preview is meant to be used for the setting of the scan limits and helps to determine the settings of the Gamma, Illumination and Contrast.

Consider to select only a part of the image to be scanned. Can some DCOP-magic help here? You might post the error messages you’re getting when “The K programs don’t work”.

A New Scanner with XSANE and Kooka

Bruce 14 years ago Your download link is not too kooka, but to kdegraphics 3. Add the source-code for this project on git.

  ISO TS 14949 PDF

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: However if it is as in kbear, koo,a if I resize one docked window, the other ones do not adjust, and I end up with either overlapping windows or empty space in my main window, that would drive me mad.

KDEGraphics is much more then just kooka, is kdegraphics 3. This is indeed professional software! I am able to scan previews and Kooka starts in the same manner that I left it so you probably suffer from a problem that is not easily a Kooka prob. This is where the actual scanning parameters are set. Adjust the Kioka in DPI dots per inch. For your last question: I’ve played with them a bit, they’re very functional and do produce good output, and with practice, you can produce almost reliable recognition from scans of documents.

When you do not see this window, then the scanner is probably not recognized.

Do you really want to report this comment? You are asked in the new opening “Kooka Save Assistent” window, in kook format you want to store the image.

A New Scanner with XSANE and Kooka LG #

To be fair, the quality on the CRT is far better sacn on the printer, not a photo-quality device. About kooka, I’m not so sure if it is a bug what I see, there might be just an issue with a configuration file. The only reason I did not buy it is because the gui is almost not usable on my system. If you really need only a fraction of the image, then this will speed the scanning. Be sure that your scanner is connected, switched on and ready for use before you boot Knoppix.


PDF’s may contain images, so you could directly stuff an image or many into a pdf. Is this so, test the scanner as showed to you in Lesson 2. Help answer questions Learn more. Abstract Kooka is a KDE application for scanning.

Start Kooka from the main menu or enter the command kooka. Also in generalcan KDE programs work on gnome? You could always install kooka, try it out It would be unfair not to correct them, wouldn’t it!

I could see the ocr results logically fit in there. Kooka — A Scanning Application.

This is great to hear!!! It does not remember that a view was opened, or hwere it was opened it does open views in the upper left corner, always, and always at an usuable small window size But the scans are not bad, at least with my scanner, the defaults are better than the ones xsane is using. They don’t necessarily work well with repetitive, run-of-the-mill situations, however. Select a format e. Put the headline here. It is ideal for a small office without continual need for copying.

If you can’t see kookaa option, try Settings then Select Scan Device. Kooka sczn you to handle the most important scan parameters, find the correct image scah format to save and manage your scanned images. Tags for this Thread pdfscanning. The image will appear in the image list on the left.