Whether as mineral supplement or as a pure medium, PERLIGRAN®, made from pure and natural perlite, enables the optimal growth of a multitude of delicate. Knauf Aquapanel GmbH. Kipperstrasse Dortmund, Germany Phone: ( 49) Fax: (49) [email protected] Premium Perligran by Knauf; No fine dust since it is sieved out; Grain size: 2 – 6 mm L; Soil improver; RHP grade seal.

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Please try again at a later time. Please agree to the privacy policy. The traditional Dortmund-based company sees itself as a driving force for innovation in the construction industry — a claim that is impressively demonstrated time and again by its many new innovations and refinements to outstanding products.

These products continue to form an ideal basis for any type of levelling and insulation filling, insulation materials, and aggregates for the industry. Unfortunately there is a technical problem at the moment.

We will contact you as soon as possible.

We at Knauf

The RHP certificate guarantees compliance with the highest standards of product safety, purity, quality assurance, weed control, and research and development. Would you like to tell us something? This site uses cookies so that perite can provide you with the best user experience. Please enter your mobile number. These cement-bonded construction boards revolutionised the construction industry — and are still used around the world for interior, exterior, and floor applications.


So the herbs smell better and have an intense taste. Precious young plants and professional crop are thus protected against the influences of harmful organisms contained in the soil. Please enter your last name.

KNAUF AQUAPANEL: the specialists for refined perlite

Our range of products. Or do you wish a meeting in person?

Your product sample will be delivered as knuf as possible. A dry weight of only 90 kg per cubic meter makes transport and handling a breeze. Make your selection of the desired screening grade and grain size. Language selection Which language do you speak?

At the same time, nutrients and water can be freely and precisely dosed according to individual requirements. Your request will be answered as soon as possible. Please enter your mobile number. Petlite varieties for healthy root growth. You have selected the language English. Language selection Which language do you speak? Please enter a valid phone number numbers and ‘-‘. This can reduce the need for frequent watering and prevent damage from drying.


Please enter your street number. It is the knafu of decades of hard work and consistently high quality. Please enter your street address. Please enter your message. You are only one step away! Please enter your position. Please agree to the privacy policy.

Centigrade | Knauf Perlite

Please enter your position. A special quality of the raw perlite from Milos is its specific crystal-water content, which makes it highly expandable.


At the same time, it ensures good drainage and prevents waterlogging. We will contact you immediately. Seismic Design Sustainability is a great perljte Family businesses like Knauf think and act in the long-term, they are flexible, have short decision-making procedures, a flat hierarchy and trust their staff to take on responsibilities at an early stage.

This site uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience. Do you have a question about our products? knajf

Interview with Alexander Knauf. But perlite not only has excellent insulating properties, it can also be used in many other areas of application; for example, in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Our ability to contribute to the completion of a building project. The Field of Expertise: It sustainably supports air circulation and the granular structure of soils in wet locations where air is lacking, so that plant roots can develop ideally in the loosened soil. The controlled supply of water and nutrients via computerized fertilization is also possible.

Your product sample will be delivered as soon perlte possible.