Consult Keston Boilers ‘s entire C45 C40P C55 C55P catalogue on ArchiExpo. Page: 1/ 88, E, Main Control Box (C55/C55P/C45). , E, Control Panel. 73, E, Combustion Blower. , Gas Valve / Venturi Ass. (C45/C55). Keston C55, tips, tricks, advice and notes. READ THE DANGERS SECTION. The idea of this is so you get an idea of your boiler, so you know if your engineer is.

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Page 47 WD Chapter 7: A trick is to pull out this wire main power to fan as it starts to fire up and let the fan slow, jabbing it back in as the fan almost stops for a second then removing it again – this lets the fan ‘rev counter’ tell kestoh pcb all is ok and it can proceed to run.

Page 43 WD Chapter 5: The C45 and C55 boilers ksston be fitted in compartments with very small clearances required around the appliance refer to Section 1. If you think yours isnt leaking, turn it off and let it go cold, then get back to me Try Boiler Guide today!

Keston Boiler Error Codes

This is the underneath of the burner cover – keeston must be cleaned fully of old gasket before its put back TIP – to check if a burner gasket is leaking, spray leak detection fluid around the gasket when fan is running – but this only works when boiler is cold – as it warms up it WILL bubble – as the LDF heats up – so test cold, be sure, then run. The automatic test for calibration of flow and return sensors has failed. A modern boiler kestob about ppm of carbon monoxide, while running normaly Any breakage’s or damage to the burner mesh indicate the burner must be replaced.


Note – the picture here shows the NEW fan, and adaptor harness Keston Boiler Error Codes. Fan powered high efficiency modulating domestic condensing gas heat only boiler 65 pages.

Kezton smarter way to find trustworthy heating engineers!

The heat will hide a lot of drips! Fan – ok, if the display shows anything, and the fan is running flat out, its usualy the fan. Page 36 WD Chapter 5: Although suitable for open vented systems with combined feed and vent arrangements, the C45, C40P and C55 P are low water content kestom.

KESTON C45 HEAT | Gas Appliance Spares | Boiler, Cooker & Fire Spares

Check fan operation and BOTH connectors onto fan. The integral Grundfos pump is automatically controlled to best match Kestons are very forgiving when it comes to sludge Who are Boiler Guide Boiler Guide is the smarter way to find heating engineers in your area.

This fine example shows a lovely hole, which will be gushing out a lovely premix of gas and air, perfect for an explosion. The smarter way to find trustworthy heating engineers. Get FREE no-obligation quotes now! The top of the heat exchanger – same deal – try not to wreck the insulation, and dont drop crud into burner or heat exchanger. Pump – very unusual for this to fail It has its place, pound for pound it gives the most output you can get, and it can be fitted into incredibly difficult places.

Note – max gas adjustment doesnt affect the min, but min gas adjustment affects the max.


Keston Boiler Error / Fault Codes [Updated ] | Boiler Guide

Honestly though, it looks good. This is the low water pressure switch The metal version is shown next, or on my blog. Flue overheat — check combustion and flue temperature vs. Ok, so as usual the pictures are a bit naff, but I hope it helps.

It is advisable to fit oeston locksheild valve on the cylinder return to enable balancing of the flow rate through the cylinder. Find the best boiler for your needs, or see how the latest A-rated boilers compare with kestno other and your existing one. Burner – inspect for holes – it must be totaly uniform, smooth and have no holes, bare spots or burns.

Open the catalog to page 3. Look closely at this example to see the clear silicone used to try to reseal the burner – probably a service done when ‘unprepared’ – never remove the fan, burner or gas valve without new gaskets ready, they cannot be reused.

For Kesron gas, carbon dioxide CO levels will be between 9. Need a new boiler?

Got it, continue to print. The Online Architecture and Design Exhibition. To adjust CO2 values you need to set the kexton to max or min rate. Do not try to lever out the burner until you have removed the gasket or you will bend it, and it will leak.

Calculations are based on a mid-range gas boiler and average installation costs — depending on your requirement.