is valid for frequency inverter KEB COMBIVERT F4-F Lift Version – must be made available to every user. The pictographs used in this manual mean. This manual describes the control of the standard series. COMBIVERT F4-Small. It includes: General installation and connection instructions. Explanation of the. Prima leggere le manuale di istruzione 1 parte! Leer manual de instrucciones parte 1 antes! BETRIEBSANLEITUNG KEB COMBIVERT F4-S.

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Don’t have an account? The adaption does not take place automatically at every switch on, it is done only once at the tripping of Fr. Encoder Interface Channel 2 x5 Only when the inverter is switched off and the voltage supply is disconnected may the plug be pulled out or keh in!

Keb COMBIVERT F4-F Manuals

Page – Position Setting in Increments Pd. Page 50 – The software limit switches see CP. Summary Of Ru-parameter Pn 1 automatic retry OP —— 6. Pd08 Position setting sign 0: In controlled operation this function provides an optimal limit torque characteristic, if the adjusted value corresponds to the inverter input voltage. Inteference Protection Of Electric Systems Temperature Control The control is activated via the transistor output do.


KEB COMBIVERT F4-F Applications Manual

When displayed in rotations Pc. Page 46 you can reset the peak value.

These units can be used with one or more braking modules. When display in rotations Pc. CP-parameter, whose value shall be displayed at the start. Resetting Of Angular Difference Setpoint Calculation At SP. High Operating Temperatures Encoder Interface Channel 2 x5 Page or the diameter at the initiator of the limit switch, that the drive stops at the limit switch.

Error Assistance Troubleshooting 9. Example filter mode 2 Filter time Output signal Input signal 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 Name: Automatic Restart And Speed Search Design Of Braking Resistors Brief Description – Digital Outputs Scan time ms.


Output Voltage Stabilization Starting command for positioning defined di. Page 99 the input signals of channel 1 are given out on channel 2 Flux Lowering Calculation CS. Aux-function, Setpoint And Rotation Selection Manuual conversion of decimal numbers into hexadecimal numbers can be done with a suitable calculator.


Gain Of Output Characteristic an. Page 15 Selection switch. Page 20 Summary Product Description 2. It allows an easy manual start-up.

Page 58 The rated frequency of the connected motor must be adjusted in CP. Output Terminal Status ru. Page 95 When displayed in increments Pc. Page Adjust Fr.

Page To set the setpoint value by way of the motor potentiometer parameter SP. Controller Structure With ds.