Karma Quotes from BrainyQuote, an extensive collection of quotations by famous authors, celebrities, and newsmakers. Template:Uglyar teachers rather than academic sources.”’ (Learn how and when to remove this Telugu, కర్మ (karma) .. Sambandar of the Shaiva Siddhanta school, in the 7th century C.E., writes about karma in his outline of Shaivism. your book found

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Who deceives a friend becomes a mountain-vulture; who cheats in selling becomes an owl; who speaks ill of caste and religious order is born a pigeon in a wood. Who commits unnatural vice becomes a village pig; who consorts with a Sudra-woman becomes an ox; who is very passionate becomes a lustful horse.

Why are we born in particular conditions and situation, whether in a poor family, a rich family, a healthy or unhealthy family, a wicked or virtuous family?

Some accumulate and return unexpectedly in this or other lifetimes. What is the teulgu for the variation? This is a forest full of leaves made out of sharp daggers. If the bad actions do not yield their consequences in this life, the soul begins another existence and in the new environment undergoes suffering for its past deeds”. He is thrown into a hell called Kalasutra who insults spiritual men, Brahmins, and Pitris.

Karma Siddhantam Discourse In Telugu is available ?

The earliest siddhajtam of the word karman is found in the Rigveda. Other names of Vishnu alluding to this nature of God are Bhavanah, the 32nd name, Vidhata, the 44th name, Apramattah, the th name, Sthanadah, the th name and Srivibhavanah, the th name.

The shastras written about karma go into some detail about possible consequences of karma. Those who worship gods by offering human victims, are thrown into a hell where they are cut to slices and eaten by devils, but even then they do not die but only experience pain. Some of them are being elevated to the upper planetary systems, and some are going down into the lower planetary systems.

Prove me wrong if karma doesn’t exist? Parents who tyrannise and worry their children of a spiritual bent and force them to lead a worldly life. Likewise to goad man on to noble deeds, high aspiration and righteous conduct, the Puranic sages held out teluyu him bright prospects and extolled the untold benefits and blessings of a good life. Get acute diseases of the respiratory system, diphtheria, pleurisy, pneumonia, etc.


This section relies largely sisdhantam entirely on a single source.

By the mercy of both Krsna and the spiritual master, such a person receives the seed sidehantam the creeper of devotional service. Karma in Hinduism at Wikipedia’s sister projects. We and our world are but one among the many in it! There are many families in Infinity, and earth, hell, heaven, men, animals, gods, devils, are all Siddhanatm children with varying temperaments.

Scientists who invent destructive fire-bombs and those who drop them on the innocent public. The man, who, through pride, insults his teacher, becomes an epileptic; who despises the Vedas and the holy scriptures becomes jaundiced. Retrieved from ” https: Then why make any Purushartha present new efforts at all Every action has its reaction and no action goes unrewarded in a sddhantam manner.

There is another region called the Andha-tamisra blinding darkness. Spiritually speaking, does anyone think Yahoo Answers had a way cooler layout a few years ago? Tulsidasa Hindu saint, said: Who steals food becomes a rat; who steals grains becomes a locust who steals water becomes a Chataka bird; who steals poison becomes a scorpion. Yet another example is Nitya karmawhich describes rituals which have to be performed daily by Hindus, such as the Sandhyavandanam which involves chanting of the Gayatri Mantra.

Thus, the doctrine of karma comes to explain why different life forms manifest, into widely various levels of biological development such as characterization into different species from plants to various types of animalsand to even differences between members of the same species, such as humans.

Karma Quotes – BrainyQuote

He karmz no food or drink. As the rivers, following their different courses, ultimately merge in the ocean and give up their names and forms, so the devotees, losing their names and forms, become one with the Supreme Reality. Whoever here approaches under the force of passion all kinds of beings, is placed in the Salmali Hell with adamantine thorns and is dragged through the region of hell.

Actions performed in other than human life Who plugs up or blocks up siddnantam hole of a rat or a snake, who catches fish and causes them to die by suffocation, who stifles the life of any creature.


The person who is witness to this should not go deep into the persons past deeds, but get the important message that he the witness has to live a virtual life in this present scenario to avoid suffering in the next life. Who deprive dumb animals of their food and drink, and beat innocent animals like cows, bulls, etc. They therefore confronted the Jiva with a terrific array of dire consequences that would inevitably accrue to the evil actions of the sinner.

The Yogavasishtha says that our earth is only an atom among many other larger worlds existing beyond our perception and is of one particular variety among many others which differ from it in every way.

How can we stop atheists from being so embarrassingly ridiculous with the preaching of their atheist dogma on the internet? Why does satan torture people in hell?

If I have not seen America I have no right to deny the existence of such a country.

Who is proud of his physical strength and misuses his power in oppressing and fighting with others. Who eats the eleventh-day offerings of the dead is born a dog; the Brahmin who subsists upon the offerings made to an idol is born from the womb of a hen. Kings who inflict punishment on innocent men, or who inflict corporeal punishment to a Brahmin, fall into the hell called Sukara-Mukha.

They gave graphic descriptions of the various punishments awaiting the wanton transgressor of moral and spiritual laws. Who dies by drinking poison becomes a black serpent on a mountain; whose nature is unrestrained becomes an elephant in a desolate forest. Freedom of Action – No freedom to escape reaction. The eater of flesh becomes very red; the drinker of intoxicants is born with discoloured teeth; the Brahmin, who, on account of greed, eats what should not be eaten, becomes big-bellied.

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