Juno and the Paycock, a play by Sean O’ Casey, is set in the working tenements of Dublin in and tells the story of the Boyle family during the Irish Civil War. This one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of Juno and the Paycocke by Seán O’Casey. Juno and the Paycock, a play by Seán O’Casey. Juno and the Paycock is a play by Seán O’Casey, and is highly regarded and often performed in Ireland. It was first staged at the Abbey Theatre in Dublin in.

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During the party, Robbie Tancred’s funeral procession passes the tenement, but the Boyles and their guests halt their carousing only when Tancred’s grieving mother stops at their hhe. Juno and the Paycock takes place in the tenements of Dublin injust after the outbreak of the Irish Civil Warand revolves around the misfortunes of the dysfunctional Boyle family.

Juno and the Paycock”. This page was last edited on ujno Juneat For the film by Alfred Hitchcock of the same name, see Juno and the Paycock film. The party becomes subdued again, but Boyle and Joxer set about raising everyone’s spirits.

The father, “Captain” Jack so called because of his propensity for telling greatly exaggerated stories of his short career as a merchant sailoris a loafer who iuno to be unable to work because of suummary in his legs, which mysteriously appear whenever someone mentions work to him. Pycock a brief conversation, Jack accidentally drops his last sixpence on the floor; he drunkenly mourns that “the whole world is in a terrible state o’ chassis ” before passing out.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. This article needs additional citations for verification. Joxer who was present for both incidents, and did nothing to help needles Jack about rumours that the inheritance is not forthcoming; this soon devolves into an argument during which Joxer openly mocks Jack’s fortune as fraudulent.

It is set in the working class tenements of Dublin in the early s, during the Irish Civil War period.


As Juno pleads with Jack to use the leftover money from the inheritance to move the family to a different city, he angrily reveals that they will receive nothing due to an error Bentham made while drafting jno will he failed to include the beneficiaries’ names, referring to Jack only as “[my] first cousin”. Retrieved 6 October The act closes after Jack finds out from a solicitor, Charles Benthamthat one of his relatives has died and left him a significant amount of money.

Juno and Mary discuss the newspaper story about the murder of the son of one of their neighbours paydock Mrs Tancred.

BFI Screenonline: Juno and the Paycock () Synopsis

As he leaves, Mary sees the bailiff’s men taking away the furniture. Retrieved 29 February Overjoyed with the news, Jack vows to Juno to end his friendship with Joxer and change paycocck ways.

Everyone goes to the window to see the procession pass – all except Johnny. Their rooms are transformed with new furniture – all bought on credit. Johnny persuades Juno to follow Jack and beg him to come home.

She sends Mary to live with a relative and, before going to the police station to identify Johnny’s body, delivers a monologue that echoes Mrs Tancred’s in Act II. Johnny berates his father for his shortsightedness and avarice.

BBC Bitesize – GCSE English Literature – Plot summary – CCEA – Revision 2

As the last of Jack’s fancy new furniture is being repossessed, several IRA men paycok and drag Johnny away; Juno later hears from Mrs Madigan that a body resembling Johnny’s has been found on a country road, riddled with bullets. Not long after this Jack himself enters, inviting Joxer in because he thinks Juno has already gone to work. Mary returns, and Johnny disowns her as well.

He is called ‘Captain’ by his friends, but the nearest he has ever got to sailing is on the ferry to Liverpool. Johnny comes and goes like a man on the run. Two men in trench coats arrive. Johnny seems jkno on edge and sensitive, not wanting to discuss the murder. The musical version was a flop, closing after 16 performances, but Blitzstein’s score was preserved on the original cast album and is today considered one of the composer’s masterpieces.


Juno decides that Jack will never take on his responsibilities as a father and breadwinner, so she leaves to make a better life for herself and Mary. Mrs Boyle manages to calm him. Boyle has to tell her and Johnny that there is no money – the will specified ‘first cousin’ rather than naming Boyle, and now ‘first cousins’ are appearing out of the woodwork.

Plot summary

Jerry Devine no longer visits. The men in trench coats produce guns and make the workmen turn to the wall. Johnny supports the republican cause and has already lost an arm in the fighting at O’Connell Street, during the Easter rising of Madigan arrives and the party continues, until Mrs.

Then she realises – Jerry doesn’t know. Mary is on strike, Johnny is disabled due to losing an arm in the War of Independence. He is fearful of every knock at the door. Some time later, Pycock stumbles home from the pub with Joxer, extremely drunk and unaware that his son is dead or that his wife and daughter have left him.

Juno goes out to offer support to Mrs Tancred, who delivers a monologue mourning the loss of her son and praying for an end to the war, but Jack selfishly ignores her suffering. Jack is overjoyed at this and immediately vows to change his ways, promising Juno that he will stop drinking all the time with Joxer.

It is Robbie Tancred’s funeral procession. Despite his family’s povertyJack spends all his time and money at the pub with Joxer Daly, his ne’er-do-well ” butty ,” instead of looking for a job.

Johnny, who has been sitting silently by the fire, immediately sees that the money might enable them to move somewhere else – somewhere they are not known. The partygoers decide they can get a better view of the procession downstairs.