Julia Vinograd, considered Berkeley’s unofficial poet laureate and known to many as the “Bubble Lady,” died Wednesday after struggling. LISTENING TO THE RADIO. I am listening to the radio. I am not listening to the radio. I am listening to the silence in my room behind the radio. I am the radio. JULIA VINOGRAD was born a native of Taurus w/Pisces rising in the coal and corn bread heart of West Virginia, in She writes, “I left school to pursue a.

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Quirky Berkeley | Julia Vinograd and her visual creativity

She is the Dea ex Machina and baby vacuum cleaners nibble power from her fingers, their bags bulging like bullfrogs’ throats. I’m already a subscriber I’m not interested. Julia Vinograd is survived by her sister, Deborah Vinograd. She is a flight attendant on a modern airline considerately offering everything except the illusion of flying.

I always felt safe with her and she always had a kind word for me. Culture makes people yawn. She is a favorite vinoggad of mine. Fair to believe that I really did have to leave Berkeley for vital familial reasons.

You’re a marshmallow monster. You and Bruce talk about poetry like you’d both just invented fire and didn’t know what it could do yet. There is no food. One thing in this photograph is misleading. Vinograd graduated with a B. Berkeley’s veteran street poet writes of displacement from what was long her home, and of other experiences.


I can hear the young hustlers, their tight jeans glowing in the greedy dark. I want to follow the programs like smoke signals and find my tribe lost in the wilderness, waiting to go home.

I held a sparkler, the Statue of Liberty held a torch, I expected my light to grow into hers.

I was, at vinorad time, a newly released Vnograd Air Force vet who had become involved in the uniformed anti-war movement, returning to work at Herrick Hospital during the day, but an aspiring poet by night.

Culture comes later when the game gets it and it needs a pimp and a publisher, and drugs and distribution and reassurance and reviews and it isn’t so young any more. November 25, at 4: The complete works of Arthur Machen.

Icarus must’ve been blown off course and landed in the bay. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: You stand by your window at night and look out. She took the dogcollar juliz her soft neck and tried to talk me into the trade by saying she thought it came from an actual dog.


Selected poems from someone who could “perhaps be called the quintessential street poet”. The tree will stand tall and take on all comers the way the cops are worried he would. I jjlia all cigars to have Moe’s face on the gilt band. Julia Vinograd is a Berkeley street poet.

Julia Vinograd, the Berkeley poet known as ‘The Bubble Lady’ dies at 75

I can hear the big trucks going out, the white line whipping at their windshields. Old movies rerun on TV over and over, vinogrqd my days don’t come back. Then the English Teachers get it and it isn’t even a poem any more.

Tom Dalzell of Quirky Berkeley. Poets, writers and friends also came together on Nov.

Finograd his hangover will hand with the ripening fruit. He declined and walked away. Can we see each other? Sometimes I remember our magic just by thinking of their puzzled faces. I am the bag lady. Debbie sat with Julia the night she died.