Pantech Solutions. Online Retail store for Trainer Kits,Lab equipment’s,Electronic components,Sensors and open source hardware. This process is to assist in the repair of your Pantec receiver. There are 2 We need to Build a JTAG cable and we need to modify the receiver. To modify the. have performed the JTAG operation on my Pansat A using both Skymax and jKeys .. The first thing to do here is figure out if you have a PanTec MX or MS.

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The new Bin you want to load. This is used to add full control of the CPU for writing.

The ground on both is the Black wire closest to it. Do not attempt to drill new holes. Inside the SAT directory make pantdc directories. Review the Application Pamtec Step 6: For this step of the procedure, you will need some software.

Examine the photo below and make sure your looking at pin and Just a sec or 2 will panntec enough to meld the tinned panec to the already solder prepared tab. Don’t scrape traces and don’t attempt to solder to the cpu. You will get a dialog box like the one below. Use a 12 volt DC fan. Choose the new bin file from your favorite source. Cut the excess wires off and clean up the board. Append content without editing the whole page source. Don’t put the tape on the heat sink first.


Examine the diagram below Power up the unit and confirm that it still turns on and goes beyond the night rider stage. In the programming window you will use the Erase. Make sure you heat shrink the resister. The comctrl32 used in XP may effect the operation of the VB scripting.

Pantec FTA Files & Pantec FTA KEYS

Remove the corner screw and place the header board on top then put the screw through the perf board and re tighten it. Make sure you get a similar screen. Don’t do anything on the computer until this completes. Allow the process to complete. Then solder the wires as shown below. pqntec

Pin Mapping Step 2: Programming the Autoroll Flash: Put a very small amount apntec solder on the ends of the wire. Put the header strips through the holes on the board and re solder the pins on the underside of the board. Static discharge will damage it. You can then use the above Pante cable for either machine. A full JTAG interface requires five pins.

The receiver should be switched off but plugged in.

If the receiver lights up then all is well. The solder tabs on the board are already tinned and ready for the mod. Once completed the receiver will reboot and you will have only night rider lights. You will be able to solder from the points indicated in the board and run the wires to the header. Generate Jfag Code Step 5: Once completed turn off the receiver.


Which jtag is best for pantec mx

Make sure the file type is Flash Rom File. At the time of release, it wouldn’t make any difference. The cathode of the LED to the anode of the 1N A progress bar will appear. Place the blade between the pins and turn the blade toward the direction you want to bend.

Your TID active channel list. You need the wires from pin 2,3,4,5,13,18,19,20,21,22,23,24, Then we apply the auto roll flash by serial interface. Development Tools What tools do I need? Factory Bin for your machine. Once your comfortable with which pins, take a pen knife with a thin blade or a razor knife and gently bend the pins closer together from half way between the chip and the board.

You must solder pins and together. The traces will lift and or melt if heated too much.

Which jtag is best for pantec mx – Archive through September 25, –

Again don’t be worried or surprised if the bin doesn’t load or the file errors, wait for the reboot Gently rest the resister end on top apntec one solder pad on the board. You can call it anything and put it anywhere you will remember. Remember to ground yourself before touching the board.