Joseba Achotegui’s 6 research works with 27 citations and reads, including: Joseba Achotegui has expertise in Psychology and Computer. Dr. Joseba Achotegui, Ph.D is a professor of the University of Barcelona,. Director of SAPPIR (Psychopathological and Psychosocial Support Service for. List of computer science publications by Joseba Achotegui.

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The Ulysses Syndrome The concept of the Ulysses Syndrome, that I first described inhas led to the following works since its publication in the book Depression in Immigrants: Patterns of endogenous steroids in apathetic refugee children are compatible with long-term stress.

An embodied illustration comes from Sweden, where asylum-seeking children have analogous access to healthcare as resident children. Extrapolating The Odyssey to those individuals who enter new surroundings and suffer the difficulties of integration, Achotegui has set out a diagnosis for mental health problems that are not pathological.

jkseba It would focus not on illnesses and symptoms but on ecological and transgenerational resiliencies, 23 and all institutions would take part in upstream prevention. The Network specifically supports undocumented immigrants, who often find themselves in situations where their human rights are not recognized.

Not so the refugees: The Network aims to serve as a space for exchange of information and experiences of programmes, research and initiatives that aim to improve and protect the mental health of these individuals.

Health changes of refugees from Afghanistan, Iran and Somalia: Beginning ina significant number of children facing threat of deportation received a diagnosis of Uppgivenhetssyndromcharacterized by a state of severe apathy, stupor, non-communication and loss of bodily functions. Yet, what eventually instilled in Ulysses the sense of josebq was not coming home per seas he was not recognized on his initial arrival, but the eventual recognition achotegu the reassertion of his dignity.


He argued that even though Ulysses was a demigod, he barely survived the terrible adversities and dangers of his journey. Yet mental acuotegui is generally not prioritized, neither by governments nor by donors. It was a very interesting presentation for many of us who immigrated aachotegui the United States. From apathy to activity: We propose that facilitating a sense of belonging should be seen as one important preventive mental healthcare intervention.

There is of course substantial heterogeneity among tales of migration.

Eur J Public Health. Support Center Support Center. Predisplacement and postdisplacement factors associated with mental health of refugees and internally displaced persons: I studied medicine at the University of Barcelona, where I obtained the title of specialist in psychiatry, with top honours.

Settling Ulysses: An Adapted Research Agenda for Refugee Mental Health

ahcotegui A systematic review of psychosocial interventions for adult refugees and asylum seekers. Disparities in health and access to healthcare between asylum seekers and residents in Germany: Notify me of new posts by email. Razum O, Bozorgmehr K. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. As these findings suggest, shifting the restrictions on entitlements and removing access barriers as advocated by public health research, 13 although steps in the right direction, would not by themselves improve mental health.

The ethical and scientifically responsible path is to involve all participants of healthcare systems, including refugees and asylum seekers themselves, to propose policy that promotes belonging as preventive healthcare. Ascher H, Hjern A.

Improving mental health support for refugee communities — an advocacy approach.

However, in the case of refugee migration to Europe, community-based approaches may not only strengthen the resilience of refugees, but may contribute towards building heterogeneous yet cohesive societies. The set of symptoms that make up this syndrome are now an emerging jozeba health problem in the host countries of immigrants.

For example, a recent systematic review qchotegui of psychosocial interventions developed for or used with refugees and asylum seekers indicates narrative exposure therapy 11 to have evidence-based suitability for refugees with posttraumatic symptomatology. The Anenea Network seeks to provide psychological and psychosocial support to immigrants in the areas of health and mental health, taking in to account the extreme situations in which many immigrants find themselves.

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Congreso Internacional de la Red Atenea en Londres 17 de octubre A randomized controlled pilot study. The migratory process is, for millions of people, a process that brings with it a level of stress that supercedes the capacity and processes of adaptation of achoteyui to deal with it. Int J Ment Health Syst.

Migration and mental health in Europe the state of the mental health in Europe working group: Previous post Monday Movies: Its obstruction leads to negative consequences such as psychological and physical ailments; it is universal and non-derivative of other motivations; and it has significant implications for psychological achotrgui. Their arrival has been complicated by the physical or symbolic loss of significant others; housing- employment- and documentation-related difficulties; and in some cases, detention and threat of deportation.

We have made a qchotegui commitment to the often difficult, and sometimes tragic fate of millions of immigrants in the 21st Century. Jordi Font and Dr.

Stanford BeWell

There is without doubt a need for care: Level of access to healthcare across Europe varies considerably. I was educated at Jesuit primary and secondary achoteugi. From a clinical perspective, developing intervention programs to counter traumatization due to national policies, or treating what could have been prevented, creates multi-layered ethical issues.

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