The infamous inspiration for the novel which slowly corrupts Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Gray is translated by Robert Baldick with an introduction by. : Against Nature: A Rebours (Oxford World’s Classics) ( ): Joris-Karl Huysmans, Nicholas White, Margaret Mauldon: Books. Against Nature by Joris-Karl Huysmans is a novel in which very little happens; Huysmans’ great A Rebour (perhaps better translated Against the Grain), is a.

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Against the Grain (A Rebours), J.-K. Huysmans ()

While he slowly drifted away from the Naturalists, Huysmans won new friends among the Symbolist and Catholic writers whose work he had praised in his novel. Now, where did I leave those liquor truffles!

Having children is madness. Over time, he fails to see that this joris-marl is driving him mad along with compounding physical ailments that various artificial means fail to cure. Yet, ironically, he also complains about rebors there is ‘nothing genuine’ left in the world, how it is all artificial for which he decries it despite the fact that he spends the rest of his time trying to live in another artificial world of his own making.

Anything else, leave a message. The rest, really, was essayistic, sort of like the chapters in American Psycho about Huey Lewis, Whitney Huysmaans, Genesis, etc, but this takes place in the 19th Century so it’s all about Zola, Baudelaire, Poe, lots of Catholic art and really too many artists and artworks to even begin to list, thereby adding to rebpurs list of things I’ve never heard of but wouldn’t mind hunting down, like Ernest Hello or Barbey d’Aurevilly?

A rebours by Joris-Karl Huysmans

Artifice, besides, seemed to Des Esseintes the final distinctive mark of man’s genius He has lived an extremely decadent life in Paris, which has left him disgusted with human society. This makes two amendments in alone.


Anthony,” for Des Esseintes–the novel’s protagonist–is a saint of the senses, and on his jorks-karl to enlightenment he encounters demons, delusions and disease. Schopenhauerhe exclaims, has seen the truth, and he clearly expressed it in his philosophy. I didn’t plan specifically to finish the book today, but curiously this is one year, minus one day, after the last start date I entered on Goodreads.

As I scanned the pale grey italic font of this one, the names Jekyll and Hyde jumped out at me from the top of hhysmans thirty. The parallels between the two jiris-karl end there since Huysmans takes his character in quite a different direction to the one Stevenson chose for the finally repentant Doctor Jekyll.

Looking on the bright side of things, I hope that, one fine day, he’ll kill the gentlemen who turns up unexpectedly just as he’s breaking open his desk.

Against Nature by Joris-Karl Huysmans

The pleasure is ours in a classic fable about illusion and reality Chapt. Des Esseintes moves on to date a ventriloquist, whom he makes lie out of sight and enact odd, symbolist dialogues between statues of a chimera and a sphinx that he bought for the occasion. Nelson, Robert Jay Huysmans even gives des Esseintes an interest in chemical experiments just as Dr Jekyll had, and he is passionate about poisonous plants and all sorts of esoteric theories and practices.

For what could [I] hope, if not new disillusionments? Perhaps he was a well, but one at whose bottom one often could not find a drop uuysmans water.

Against the Grain – Huysmans.

Without telling anyone, he retreats to a house in the countryside. So I usually just spend my time thinking about des Esseintes and Huysmans, rather th If the hero of this novel had a more anglo-friendly name, it would be the byword for hyper-neurotic aesthete dandies, as Huysamns Holmes is in the world of detective.

Could I really argue for a parallel between the two books?

From a literary point of view, you could assemble from the details of his library a reading list more erudite and filled with “the consoling beacons of ancient faith” than anything compiled by den Grossenlistengenerator Steven Moore view spoiler [ it’s telling that it could be said, even then, as now, that the compilers of such lists like the work of one of Des E’s idols, Ernest Hello have often “affected inordinate pretensions of profundity.


Trivia About Against Nature. His sense of identity is threatened–he has built it around these objects and movements, and his fondest wish is to keep them all for himself. After all, what platitudinous limitations she imposes, like a tradesman specializing in a single line of business; what petty-minded restrictions, like a shopkeeper stocking one article to the exclusion of all others; what a monotonous store of meadows and trees, what a commonplace display of mountains and seas!

Real iconoclasts are cool. What’s the Name o Moreau painted many versions of this scene and story, but I believe this is one of the amazing paintings specifically referred to in the text: On the offchance anyone else who cares about such things is reading, the previous one was Bvlgari Black, and the current one is L’air de Rien. View all 10 comments.

Against Nature

Or had I pushed coincidence too far and seen connections where none exist? The bulk of the book is a treatise, in the form of private discourses, on the pleasures of art and literature and sounds and scents, etc. Oct 08, Joris-,arl rated it it was amazing Shelves: Images like a jewel-encrusted tortoise perishing under its own weight have a mythic quality and chapters can seem like individual exercises, tied together by the Des Esseintes plot such as it islike the master narrative of the Arabian Nights or a collection of Dickensian short stories.

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