Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. JK69 Form – Example. Page 4. Page 5. Get the JK69 form from any Percetakan Nasional Malaysia Berhad (PNMB) branches for 60 cent each. The JB branch is located at Jalan Datin. SENARAI SEMAKAN PERMOHONAN LESEN SEMAK SENARAI SEMAK DOKUMEN PERMOHONAN LESEN IMPORT KENDERAAN.

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Manufacturers who import plastic wastes that have been cleaned and can be used as raw material directly in the production process of products.

The ownership of the vehicle cannot be transferred to any third party within 2 years from the date of registration. Other Tubes and Pipes ex: K1, Treasury Exemption Letter 15 – 30 min. This method may only be employed for imports using land travel, with limited quantities on the same day. Bill of lading if unavailable, manufacturers are required to submit to MITI within 3 days of importation.

Bill of lading Permit Invoice Packing list 1 day all documents in order and for normal clearance No cost K1 Preparation: Issuance of Quotation 3 Working Days 2.

FA — Forwarding Agent 2. Must be accompanied by a set of documents as outlined in the AP Checklist. Importers who fail to arrange the verification process on the agreed date, or fail to inform CIDB a day before the verification process, will have to pay the RM again, and apply for a new verification date. To ensure that there should be adequate supply of essential goods.

Ensure the BL contains the complete information on the respective ship. Accompanying spouses or children are not eligible to apply for Import License. However, for returning professional or Malaysian civil servant returning from an overseas posting, you can apply for a reduction from the Treasury. vorm



Copy of your Passport ii. PO — Port Operator 3. Zinc Waste And Scrap. Lead Waste And Scrap. August 6, To Understand: Manufacturers who are retreaders of: Purchase Invoice of vorm Vehicle overseas. A few frequent failure factors which deny entry through Customs is also listed in this book.

Used tyre importers must abide by all existing laws of Malaysia. Remember, we want to have everything ready to minimize your cost. COA Category Codes 10 4. Bill of lading Permit Invoice Packing List Electronically submission 1 day all documents in order and for normal clearance Same as Para 5 5 — 60 minutes. Form 13, Companies Commission of Malaysia for changes to the name or details of companies vi. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. The construction products wished to be imported must go through a stringent quality process as to conform to Malaysian Standards before its allowable usage in the domestic market.

To prepare necessary equipment, digital cameras, forklift, manpower, machineries or other relevant equipment to unload the contents of the container for the verification officer to carry out the examination on the product samples from any part of the container.

Check on brake performance including brake efficiency and brake imbalance. SA — Shipping Agent 7. Highlight the difference between system flow of e- Invoice and paper invoice — 15 minutes 2. Verification Regulations 19 Letter of offer to work or study overseas. CIDB will revoke the certification of the product certificate if the test results on the materials fail after a second test, in order to comply with Malaysian Standard.


Accompanying spouse is not eligible. Malaysians working legally on a permanent post overseas at least a year and returning home permanently. Take note that you fotm not able to transfer the ownership of your car for years. In special circumstances, CIDB may order the importer to run additional tests such as full or critical tests, or any other tests deemed necessary if certain doubts arise about the construction product, even though fomr importer has obtained the product certificate and have passed all consignment tests.

All exemption application must be submitted by the product owner alongside with other supporting documents for the application. How to apply Companies need to submit the Application Form together with: However, in certain cases, CIDB can and may make direct agreements with any certificate bodies if the need arise.


Iron and Steel Products Certificate of Approval: These methods are mentioned herewith: Monitor PC issued by the CB. No cost 12 a Port Operator received documents from Forwarding Agent. Malaysians working legally on a permanent post overseas at least a year and returning home permanently. To carry out inspection visits and verification of products at the manufacturer plant.

Returned to Malaysia permanently.