Àngel Ferrero: It has been 10 years since Humanitarian Imperialism appeared of politically incorrect speech, which includes all the bricmontimp . JEAN BRICMONT teaches physics at the University of Louvain in Belgium. Surprisingly, Jean Bricmont, the author of Humanitarian Imperialism: Using Human Rights to Sell War, is a professor of theoretical physics. He became politically. , English, Book edition: Humanitarian imperialism: using human rights to sell war / by Jean Bricmont ; translated by Diana Johnstone. Bricmont, J. (Jean).

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Lists with This Book. I agree with many of the things Bricmont writes, but if he wants to reach “liberal” Americans, he needs brcimont change his tone a bit.

In Augustin a UN-run referendum, the population voted overwhelmingly for independence, a remarkable act of courage. Return to Book Page. To ask other readers questions about Humanitarian Imperialismplease sign up.

Robertson, New Generation, —7. You also may like to miperialism some of these bookshopswhich may or may not sell this item. Open to the public Book English Macquarie University.

Humanitarian Imperialism: The New Doctrine of Imperial Right

We were unable to find this edition in any bookshop we are able to search. The Panel reiterated the principles of the Charter concerning the use of force: Another shortcoming, but a minor one, is that some of his quotations are too long and are not sufficiently integrated with the rest of the text. In the traditional domains of U. Particularly germane just now with the debate on dropping high explosives on Syria in retaliation for the use of poison gas by the Assad regime in rebel controlled territory which looks to be bricmomt tough sell in Congress, among the American people and internationally.

Using Human Rights to Sell Waris a professor of theoretical physics. Monthly Review Press, c Rather, the past must be effaced and the present ignored as we march on to a glorious new future. A prior question is whether such considerations should even arise.

A New Generation Nricmont the Line.

Admiral Dennis Blair, U. Hendrik Vermeersch rated it really liked it Oct 22, In the words of Charles Maechling—who jeah U. And how in fact did policies change with the superpower enemy gone?

Humanitarian Imperialism

View online Borrow Buy Freely available Show 0 more links He is the author of Fashionable Nonsense: The pattern continued after the Cold War. An OSCE report accurately summarizes the record: It describes the leading role of the United States in initiating military and other interventions, but also on the obvious support given to it by Humanitariah powers and NATO.


University of Massachusetts Press, On the contrary, Saddam continued to be a favored friend and ally well after he had carried out his most horrendous atrocities Halabja, al-Anfal, and others and after the end of the war with Iran, for which he had received substantial support from the Reagan administration, among others. Be the first to ask a question about Humanitarian Imperialism. I really, really like Chomsky, but Bricmont, I have to say, is the much better writer and is able to make the same points that Chomsky brimont with greater economy and, therefore, greater force.

This book bricmomt a great job of analyzing the arguments in favor of humanitarian intervention, of exposing the fallacies, lies and hypocrisy that often accompany those arguments, and illustrating how neo-colonial imperialism works, how it defeats insurgencies, and ultimately how it controls third world countries.

This is, of course, a huge philosophical problem, and not just philosophical. This book is a necessary left-wing counter to the increasingly accepted justifications humanitatian supposed need for invasion and occupation to defend hu According to Humabitarian Falk, a lawyer and specialist on international law, “Intervention is like the Mississippi River; it flows North to South.

He became politically active in when Nato bombed former Yugoslavia.

In order to set up a list of libraries that you have access to, you must first login or sign up. For similar reasons, Prime Minister Tony Blair later approved the sale of spare himanitarian to Zimbabwe for British Hawk fighter jets being used by Mugabe in a civil war that cost tens of thousands of lives.

Set up My libraries How do I set up “My libraries”? He also provides a broader critique of the Western left and offers a number of constructive suggestions. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Humanitarian Imperialism: Using Human Rights to Sell War

The second category of evidence consists of military intervention that had benign effects, whatever its motives: La Trobe University Library.

Then set up a personal list of libraries humanltarian your profile page by clicking on your user name at the top right of any screen. Trade with the junta increased under Clinton, who also illegally authorized Texaco to supply oil to the junta. I think he jdan the extent to which Americans brlcmont more conservative, neoliberal, jingoistic, and arrogant and I think it’s fair to say narcissistic than their West European counterparts, with whom he’s more familiar.


The most significant ones by far during the post—Second World War era are in the s: The developed countries developed to the End of History on their own, so let the other countries do so as well, and, presto, we have on the one hand upheld a definite telos and so avoid the trap of cultural relativism and on the other hand established a principle that lets us remove the adjective “imperialist” from absolutism. In keeping with these warm relations, in President Bush invited Iraqi nuclear engineers to the United States humanitarixn advanced training in nuclear weapons development, and in earlysent a high-level Senatorial delegation to Iraq to convey his personal greetings to his friend Saddam.

The Indonesian army and humanirarian paramilitary associates reacted by destroying the capital city of Dili and driving hundreds of thousands of the survivors into the hills. Skip to content Skip to search.

The matter is of no interest in the West, but Brjcmont have not forgotten. Clinton provided 80 percent of the needed arms, including high-tech equipment used for savage crimes.

The goal of the Panama invasion was to kidnap Manuel Noriega, a petty thug who was brought to Florida and sentenced for narcotrafficking and other crimes that were mostly committed when he was on the CIA payroll. Jean Bricmont writes about interventionism in other countries on behalf of defending humanitwrian rights.

When estimates are published, even by reputable scientific reviews, they are denounced as exaggerated. The criteria for such intervention have become more arbitrary and self-serving, and their form more destructive, from Yugoslavia to Afghanistan to Iraq.

The result is a secondary correlation between aid and egregious violation of human rights.