Kurdish Regional Government, Iraq image by Ivan Sache. About Kurdistan and the Kurds; Two Representative Entities. See also. That radical feminists such as Ivana Hoffman are helping to drive back Isis in Syria should be a source of immense pride for the international left. Ivan Nasidze The genetic data indicate that the Georgian Kurdish group An extensive resettlement of Kurds from Turkey and Iran into the.

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Kurdish Aspirations Undercut by Infighting

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Two brothers of this family, Zakare and Ivane Mkhargrdzeli led the army to victory in Ani in The Arab had insulted a Kurd from the town of Halabja whose family fled the chemical bombardment of that town by Saddam Hussein’s army on March ivand, This memorial in Northern Iraq was reportedly destroyed by Turkish ivanr in December Archived copy as title Webarchive template wayback links Articles containing Kurdish-language text.

Show 25 25 50 All. The Kurds are the largest national group without a nation state.

Kurdish Christians – Wikipedia

A hint of defiance, a look of liberated joy: The Iraqi Kurds have much to lose. Smaller pockets lie in SyriaArmenia and Azerbaijan.

Since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, semi-autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan has become the closest thing the Kurds have ever had to an independent state. Kurdzman Church of Christ held its first three-day conference in Ainkawa north of Arbil in with the participation of new Kurdish converts. The Kurds are frequently described as the world’s largest ethnic group without a country of their own.


This is the first evangelical Kurdish church in Iraq. Since the s, one of the PKK-related flags has emerged as the principal flag representing Kurmanji Kurdistan.

The Arab laughed in his face and said, “But there’s no such thing as a Kurdish nation. Ivan Watson, NPR hide caption. Among those who have left Iraqi Kurdistan is the young Kurdish journalist who nearly punched the Arab interpreter at dinner. Retrieved from ” https: But they have also been plagued by ibane infighting.

But in northern Syria a new society could be hatching, run on radically democratic and feminist lines. Isis already fears it.

All minorities were to be protected and given equal rights. The region is dominated by western-backed dictatorships, fundamentalist tyrannies and murderous reactionary terrorists. There is no central authority to legislate flags for Kurdistan, and until very recently most Kurds did not seem interested in any precision about flags. In recent years some Kurds from Muslim backgrounds have converted to Christianity. Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email.


March 1, 8: Unfortunately, the leadership in Iraqi Kurdistan increasingly resembles so many of the Middle East’s other authoritarian regimes. The Kurdish People and Christianity”. Heard on Weekend Edition Saturday. Western allies including Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait have proved crucial in exporting fundamentalist ideology, as well as funds and arms for jihadi groups.


Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 21 Decemberat We were looking at the burned out office of an opposition Kurdish political party, which had been attacked torched by Kurdish security forces.

One of the most prominent Kurdish leaders in Iraqi KurdistanSheikh Ahmed Barzani who was a brother of Mustafa Barzaniannounced his conversion to Christianity during his uprising against the Iraqi government in It’s no surprise then that the Iraqi Kurds did not rush to help the P.

Mills27 September The region is landlocked and surrounded by enemies. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player.

Journal of Eastern Christian Studies. Kurds who converted to Christianity usually turned to the Nestorian Church.

Photon Journal: Search results for Ivan Kurdish

Kurdish Aspirations Undercut by Infighting. It started when the Kurd mentioned that he noted down “Kurdish” for his nationality while filling out a hotel registration form. But this democratic struggle is itself threatened by the west.

Icane opposition candidate for parliament was killed during the attack. Inhe and his family were executed during a raid by Thamalthe Arab governor of Tarsus.