Instructions for Fillable Forms: ITR PDF; Instructions · e-File. For Individuals and HUFs not having income from profits and gains of business or profession. CBDT has notified new Income Tax Return (ITR) forms for FY / AY 19 (ITR-1 Sahaj, ITR-2, ITR-3, ITR-4 Sugam, ITR-5, ITR-6 and. Several errors are thrown up during the offline filling in of ITR 2 AY 19 Java Schedules In schedules where the income amount to be.

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I am not covering them here as the tutorial would become very heavy. People of Goa is concerned about this.

Errors in efiling itr 2 ay 2018-19 (java utility)

In this section, you can fill only the positive value. Besides personal finance, he has a keen interest in technology and politics. You are not required to fill them.

In this form, you are required to give detailed information about the income from investments. It may be time consuming but more because of the background work. There are abundance of fields and rows. There are many donation which enjoys tax deductions. As we all know there are many investment and expenses which are eligible for tax deductions under chapter VI-A.

You should classify your investment according to given table.

ITR 2 Form AY | How to efile ITR -2 | Filing ITR 2 Procedure

If you have incurred any loss, adjust it off with the capital gains of that period or the coming period. Yes, that is the problem with the utility, and that can be detected by some exprience or by searching each raw for ‘RED marked field’ on the page page gets opened when the defect is clicked on validating error.


Rather than wasting time in correcting the old saved file, better fill the data again You should have the details of it before proceeding. I did try leaving blank these sub-items but the errors still persist. I recommend the Java utility if you have the required Java version installed in your PC.

It is because, there is no form 16 to support the capital gains. Could you please guide me why this occurs and what I should do to reach the pages that relate to the errors?

The list is extensive and you should try to avail deduction as much as possible. It is better for me to skip this. This investment can be of shares, bonds, gold or property.

On 28 May Whether it is from current year or previous years.

I think this sheet frightens most of the people. You would find the description of every sheet as well. Remember Me Forgot Password? These include the gold, and debt mutual funds.

You have to do all these background task whether you fill this form or you take services of a CA. Your email address will not be published. I have tried my best to explain the ITR-2 efiling process.


The section 1 is for the reporting of capital gains on property.

You need to visit the sheets one by one. I have the latest Java version in my computer. It does not want to tax on the price increase just because of the inflation. You need not to touch the sections from On 29 May In this sheet, you need to give income details of dependent spouse and minor children. Home Forum Income Tax Efiling. In this sheet editabke need to give your personal detail.

The checklist seems extensive. It tries to take authentic, accurate and justified data. Section 4, editagle and 6 are for the non-residents.

e-Filing Income Tax Return Form ITR-2, Step By Step Guide

Now the draft file has become free of errors and I will be filing the Return soon. What is the function of this option? These exemptions include HRAtravel concessions, medical expense, and other perks. Unless any requirement of filling any data in any field This section is relatively easy to fill. However, you can edit these.