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First edition. Reference number. ISO/TS (E). Licensed to: Schwartz, Carrie Tatman Ms. Downloaded: Single user licence. ISO/TR. First edition. Hydraulic fluid power — Hose assemblies —. Part 2: Recommended practices for hydraulic hose assemblies. Partie 2: Pratiques pour les flexibles de raccordement hydrauliques. SPECIFICATION. ISO/TS. Reference number. ISO/TS (E). Second.

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It is important to pay attention to the technical specifications of these hoses, as they oso in place to promote safety whenever hydraulic hose assemblies are in use. Due to their intense pressure, increased temperature and proximity to the assembly operator, hydraulic hoses have the potential to cause some severe personal injury and property damage.

Be sure all operators, maintenance personnel and other individuals are trained properly when working with these hose assemblies under pressure. When assembling your hydraulic hose system each component should be carefully analyzed.


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All mechanisms should be carefully selected in order to meet the system performance and service life requirements all while maintaining a safe isl to minimize any risks. When selecting your components be sure to consider both internal and external system pressures, temperatures, sizing, the compatibility between your hose material and system fluids and what your environment will be.

Other factors to consider might include suction, permeation, static-electric discharge, unintended uses, specifications and standards, unusual applications, cleanliness, hose fittings, vibration and more. When installing hose assembly in new systems or replacing the assemblies in already existing systems, be sure to take the following steps izo ensure your system will work to its best ability.

In order to reduce equipment 1715 and reduce the risk of injury or damage a maintenance program should be implemented.

Be sure to include inspection frequency, function tests and visual inspection of hose, hose fittings and all other components. In order to guarantee the reliability of your hose assembly, you must be sure that izo hose fittings are assembled properly.


If a hose fitting separates from the hose it can cause severe damage or serious injury from whipping hose, fire or explosion of the substance that is expelled from the hose. In an effort to avoid any of these, be sure to take the following precautions:. Your email address will not be published. Metrification and the United States — A…. Oct 9, 2. izo

ISO 17165-1:2007

The Rapid Repair Clamp. Nov 25, 1. Nov 6, 1. Oct 28, 0.

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