16 dez. A yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius, anteriormente denominada na literatura científica de Polymnia sonchifolius) é uma planta da espécie. Supplementary Materials: Figure S1 provides evidence that yacon supplementation modifies lipid absorption at the intestinal level through an. (1)Instituto Superior de Investigaciones Biológicas, Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas, Universidad Nacional de.

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We examined the beneficial effects and tolerance of yacon syrup on human health. Food and Chemical Toxicology v.

The functional food market has grown significantly as a consequence of increased promotion and consumers awareness of healthy eating and lifestyle [ 1 ]. Yacon syrup is a good source of fructooligosaccharides and its long-term consumption produced beneficial health effects on obese pre-menopausal women with insulin resistance.

The total calories in fat diet were Blood samples were collected into plane glass tubes. It is worth adding that the impregnated sample was not unpleasant for the evaluator, as expressed in the comments on investigwciones sensory evaluation chart used.

Yacon: health benefits and technological applications

Fluctuations of oligofructan contents in tubers of yacon Polymnia sonchifolia during growth and storage. Yacon roots have special features which include high water content and large amount of soluble dietary fibers, with low energy density [ 14 ]. Click here for additional data file. The results we obtained made it possible to quantify the amount of Aloe incorporated: Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

The authors declare that there are no conflicts of interest. No significant changes were observed for the spleen and pancreas in all the studied groups. Current Protocols in Food Analytical Chemistry. Dietary polyphenols as potential nutraceuticals in management of diabetes: Potencialidades do yacon Investogaciones sonchifolius no diabetes Mellitus.


Table 3 shows the effects of yacon flour consumption on relative organ weights.

However, while the porosity value is an indicator, it is not sufficient to characterize foods completely or to predict their behavior during vacuum impregnation.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Food and Chemical Toxicology.

Yacon syrup: beneficial effects on obesity and insulin resistance in humans.

The cellular and molecular bases of leptin and ghrelin resistance in obesity. At least 15 nonadjacent microscope fields were analyzed in each tissue. In addition, it is well known that soluble dietary fibers delay fat zobre as we observed during the fat load test, contributing to the hypolipidemic effects of yacon.

The data concerning to the expression of intestinal peptides are shown in Figure 6. Critical Reviews in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, v. Animals were weighed g weekly throughout the experimental period. Those authors put forward the hypothesis that 30 min is the time necessary to reach a situation of cienificas, after which no difference in solids gain is to be observed.

Podem ser cozidas ou desidratadas na forma de chips. It is well recognized that FOS could also be a fermentable substrate for the colon microbiota, being low polymerization FOS DP the most used by Bifidobacterium spp. Robinson belongs to a member of Asteraceae family, which ranges through the Andean region in South America [ 1415 ].

Weight loss during oligofructose supplementation is associated with decreased ghrelin and increased peptide YY in overweight and obese adults. Enzyme kit for L-malic acid, which contains glycylglycine buffer 6 mL, 1 M, pH Yacon Modulates Adipocyte Size and Gene Expression in Adipose Tissue At the cellular level, obesity is characterized by an increase in the number hyperplasia and size of individual adipocytes that have differentiated from preadipocyte in fat depots [ 5 ].


Fat storage and the biology of energy expenditure. Improvement of biochemical parameters in type 1 diabetic rats after the roots aqueous extract of yacon [ Smallanthus sonchifolius Poepp. The vacuum period and relaxation times represent two important variables that affect the results of applying VI. Changes in protein expression of Akt, the most important molecule of the insulin signaling in target organs, were measured using Western blot analysis Figure 5 f.

Endl fructooligosaccharides as a potential novel source of prebiotics. While adiponectin levels reduce in response to excessive fat depots, plasma leptin concentrations are positively associated with the amount of body fat [ 53 ]. The role of the immune system in obesity and insulin resistance. Yacon Reduces Inflammation in Visceral Adipose Tissue of HFD-Fed Rats It is known that excessive adipose tissue expansion leads to adipose macrophage infiltration and metabolic dysfunction contributing to low-grade local and systemic inflammation [ 2 ].

Andean yacon root Smallanthus sonchifolius Poepp.

The SD group was fed ad libitumwith a standard chow diet containing