The Sufis [Idries Shah] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When it first appeared in , The Sufis was welcomed as the decisive work on . Fifty years ago this autumn, Idries Shah published The Sufis, with an introduction by Robert Graves. The Washington Post declared it “a. This work offers coverage of the spiritual and psychological tradition of Sufism. It shows that Sufism is not the preserve of ecstatic religionists, but has a.

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In THE SUFIS, Shah combines these fragments with a wealth of other information to form a picture of a fascinating society of people, still very much alive and iddies, that since ancient times has had a profound effect on mankind.

Archived from the original on In he established a publishing house, Octagon Press, producing translations of Sufi classics as well as titles of his own.

Once provoked, it becomes his own property, rather as a person masters an art. A new paper back and e book edition is now out. I got all that out syfis my system very early and, consistent with Sufi tradition, I believe that those who don’t want to teach are the ones who can and should.

Sher Point Publications, UK. Trivia About The Sufis. When one reads about Sufism, one comes upon conflicting explanations. But I have just results of some tests, which show sufsi English schoolchildren, when shown a group of films, remembered only the ones that bored them. One of Ouspensky’s earliest pupils, Reggie Idris, who had been part of the Gurdjieff work sincemade contact with Shah through that article.


Sufism: ‘a natural antidote to fanaticism’ | Books | The Guardian

A book that has changed the way, the world looks at the world. The real question is whether or not this book successfully conveys an understanding of the Sufi to a non-Sufi reader. I am describing, the first tremendous blow. Since Sufix have nothing to lose, it might as well be me.

The Sufi Tradition, interview with Idries Shah

Retrieved 14 September According to Bennett, Shah later also engaged in discussions with the heads of the Gurdjieff groups in New York. Instead, it emerges as a body of men and women who see themselves as engaged in the practical task of unlocking the hidden potential of the human being and guiding it to completion, on both an individual and a societal level.

In other words, he keeps awake the whah attention dormant in others.

Of course, you can’t even take this path if you so choose. Science, Technology and the Quality of Life”. Shah meant to convey. Deikmana professor of psychiatry and long-time researcher in the area of meditation and change of consciousness who began his study of Sufi teaching stories in the early seventies, expressed the view that Western psychotherapists could benefit from the perspective provided by Sufism and its universal essence, provided suitable materials were studied in the correct manner and sequence.

The Sufi Tradition

This is the magic of East and West. But my misgivings on this front go even deeper. It is seen as a lack rather than a concrete existence.

Now, I also find that I idrifs a better complexion, my blood supply is better, and my digestion has improved. I checked out The Sufis by Idries Shah on a whim.

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I have another objective. Later, Shah also gave talks to the students at Coombe Springs.

Both of them were associated with the University of Californiawhere Ornstein was a research psychologist at the Langley Porter Psychiatric Institute. Therefore, I am able to draw out gurus and get them to commit themselves to an extent that a Westerner, because of his conscience, could not do.

This is one of the few books I can say definitively changed my life for the better. In the end, I’m compelled to concede that I still can’t find the words to do this work, The Diries, anything like the justice that it so richly deserves, and can offer no idriee advice than to read and re-read the book yourself, and other books in the corpus.

Sufism: ‘a natural antidote to fanaticism’

Being disinterested, you can approach ESP more coolly and calmly. Return to Book Page. You can learn much more about human nature on Madison Avenue than you will from experts on human nature, because on Madison Avenue on stands or falls by the sales.

These stories are technical documents, they are like maps, or kind of blueprints. Bortoft’s The Wholeness of Nature: Tugging the hair he cried: Doris Lessing, one of Shah’s greatest defenders, [6] stated in a interview: These things don’t interest me; they are only by-products of my running.