Hyperion Interview Questions | Advanced Technical Topics | For Q. What are the two storage options available in Essbase and what are the differences? . no data is transferred. the answers to other two questions are Yes. Must read Hyperion Essbase Interview Questions. Answer. Essbase stand for Extended Spreadsheet Database. Essbase is the multidimensional database. Here is part 3 of the series Top Hyperion Essbase Interview questions pdf Answer The data block is the structure that is comprised of the dimensions.

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To remove fragmentation, force a dense restructure of the database. Hyperion Interview Questions 5. Any updates made to the data are written back to the data source and become immediately accessible to both local answerw target users and transparent data source users 2.

Databases that use an isolation level of uncommitted access with commit block set to zero. How can you measure fragmentation? To communicate between Essbase and Microsoft office tools.

It prevents members from being consolidate across any dimension. Why is database restructuring? Answer After a database crash or server interruption, Essbase automatically recovers a database after rolling back the transactions intetview were active at that time. How can we backup an aggregate storage database? A method of controlling access to database cells in essbase. How do you can prevent and remove fragmentation?

Sometimes it is necessary to perform top-down calculation to get the correct calculation results. For example, the value for Qtr1 is the same as the value for Jan.


How is data stored in the Essbase database? If we have a single processor, we will use serial calculation but if we have multiple processors we can break the task into threads and make them run on different processors.

Analytic services or Essbase Services locks the block and all other blocks which contain the Childs of that block while calculating this block is block locking system. When Essbase restructures both the data blocks and the index, it uses the files described essxxxxx.

How can I do that? How can this be used to increase performance. You can link multiple objects to a single data cell.

New Hyperion essbase and planning interview questions – Oracle Hyperion

Managing parallel data load processing. What are the types of database restructuring? Hence if the application is ASO, the databases it contains will be that type only. What do you mean by dirty block?

Yes, we can do that but it is recommended to use separate rule file for each dimension. Attribute calculations dimensions which include five members with the default names sum, count, min, max and avg are automatically created for the attribute dimensions and are calculated dynamically.

The record will be rejected. What are the two storage options available in Essbase and what are the differences? Why do objects gets locked and when does this esbase Drop us a Query Full Name.

What are the three options specified in Username and Password management under security tab in Essbase server properties.

Some changes to a database outline affect the data storage arrangement, forcing Essbase to restructure the database.

You can prevent and remove fragmentation: How does Essbase recover from a database crash? Essbase is a file based database where the data is stored in PAG hpyerion of 2 GB each and grows sequentially.


Top 100 Hyperion Essbase Interview questions part-3

Now there are some products which are sold in only some particular regions hence for them there will be no values in other regions or will have very low percentage of data values hence hypedion structure will become sparse.

UDA’s values are never displayed in the reports and hence do not impact report performance. Marking the blocks as dirty forces the next default Intelligent Calculation to be a full calculation. To be a multi-professional apply for the various positions in this field.

Hyperion Tutorial Mar 13, My cube is crashed,what u do?

The Best Hyperion Interview Questions [UPDATED]

Yes, we can do that but it is recommended to use hyperlon rule file for each dimension. Databases that execute calculations around the clock 3. Number of days before user must change password. Qlik View Practice Tests.

Then look into www. UDA represents the class of the members. Report Attrition rate dips in corporate India: Usually the outline is optimized using the hourglass design for dimension ordering i.

What are the three primary build methods for building dimensions? Enter Your Demo Date. If you change a name or a formula, Essbase does not mark the affected blocks as dirty. You should have the role of Application manager for questuons specified application.