achieved. Complete reference information on the A can be found in the A Sweep Oscillator Operating and Service Manual (HP Part No. ). Hp B Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Hp B Operating And Service Manual. B – Frequency range of 10 MHz to 40 GHz, broadband frequency coverage, high output power, low harmonics, five frequency markers, and HP-IB. A.

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Burst Operation Diagram Theory Of Operation Code List Of Manufacturers Signal Generator Diagram Please call for availability.

Silicon Investigations HP Hewlett Packard (Agilent, Keysight) Sweep Oscillator Repair Service

Basic Block Diagram Description Sine Wave Distortion Test Standard Abbreviations Table This means your automatic test systems can now characterize a device both as a function of frequency and input power level. Fm Operation Diagram List Of Illustrations For measurements with HP Microwave Link Analyzers, specially characterized HP series plug-ins can be used with the HP to create an up converter for communications distortion measurements.


Output Impedance Test Sweep Ramp Linearity Test Triangle Linearity negative Slope Table This function verifies that the HP B is functioning properly.

Instrument And Manual Identification Slope and internal leveling controls are standard on all units. Adjustment Locator Diagram Simply combining the HP series plug-in including the one you may already own with an HP A Adapter makes all the convenient digital controls, markers, and HP-IB capability of the HP immediately available to you.

Required Test Equipment The HP series plug-ins offer output power level control previously unavailable on a swept source. Amplitude Flatness Diagram The active marker frequency or the difference frequency between any two markers is read easily from high resolution digital display.

Carrier Balance Adjustment Dc Offset Test Carrier Envelope Distortion Test HP has been designed to include many features that not only speed up and simplify measurements but also mamual accuracy.

With the HP all front panel functions, e.


HP is a powerful general-purpose for swept microwave measurements, wideband CW signal generation and automatic testing. Power Supply Adjustment All function mnaual sweep limit frequencies, marker frequencies, etc.

The 18 GHz to Am Operation Diagram This means there are no limitations in designing your own customized test systems.

Functional Block Diagram Variable Symmetry Test It incorporates the efficiency of microprocessor control with state-of-the-art YIG-tuned oscillators and GaAs FET amplifiers to produce a high performance sweep oscillator system ideally suited for either manual or automatic measurements. Frequency Deviation Test Sweep Operation Diagram The HP B has three methods of changing function values: