Hayashi Monnyu (7p). Honinbo Shusaku (7p). W+ Murase Shuho (6d). Honinbo Shusaku (7d). B+R. Hayashi Monnyu (7d). – Go Games, Go Information and Go Study Tools. Honinbo Shusaku: ‘Invincible’ Go player wins a Google doodle. Search engine marks what would have been th birthday of lauded player of.

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The 21st game was played in July, but the 22nd game was not played until October of that year, a reason of which is not known. The series had begun inwhen Ota was 46 and a 7 dan, while Shusaku was 24 years old and a 6 dan.

On January 3,he received his shodan first dan professional diploma. The following year, during a one-year visit back home, he was awarded a yearly stipend by Lord Asano. The match became one of the most celebrated in classical go, with games seventeen and twenty-three appearing in many anthologies.

In JanuaryIto Showaone of the strongest players of the day, visited Innoshima, and played a game with Shusaku.

Honinbo Shusaku . GoKifu Share SGF Go/Baduk/Weiqi games with friends.

It was also decided that he would marry Jowa’s daughter as part of the event. He said he was in the middle of a series of games with Shusaku, tied at 3 apiece. He was so impressed with the boy’s ability that he invited him to become a pupil of the Honinbo house in Edo.

Today, Shusaku’s reputation is more balanced in Japan, where a wide number of texts on Shusaku and Jowa have since been published, but remains somewhat inflated in the West where the sources are more sparse. In Japan, where the go public has access to much more literature, a more objective balance has been struck. Shuho, playing all games as Black, won the match with a score of After playing a game with him, Asano became his patron, and allowed him to get lessons from his own personal trainer, Hoshin a player of professional level.


Although Shusaku was regarded by most players the second strongest player of the day, next to Shuwa, Ota was not so sure. Inhe left for another stay at Innoshima, this time staying for eighteen months. It saved Ota from embarrassment. On September 3, he died at the age of thirty-three.

He was nicknamed “Invincible” after he honibbo a perfect score for 19 straight wins in the annual castle games. In the books Ishigaya gave positive accounts of Shusaku’s character and started using the term Go Sage when referring to him.

In the meantime, Shusaku and Shuwa played a famous series of games in October to September Oshiro Gofu was hnoinbo reappraisal of Shusaku shuasku Jowa could already be seen, particularly in the strong opinions of one editor, Segoe Kensaku. It is believed, however, the 23rd game, was fixed.

Inthe publication of Zain Danso revealed a negatively biased account of Honinbo Jowa’s intrigues towards securing the position of Meijin Godokorotarnishing Jowa’s reputation.

InShusaku was officially recognized as Shuwa’s heir, and in the same year was promoted to 6-dan. Gennan played a new joseki opening variation in a cornerand Shusaku erred in responding.

As the official heir to the head of the Honinbo house, Shusaku had an eminent position. Shusaku last edited by Out of respect for his teacher, Shusaku refused to play with white against his teacher thus there is no clear gauge of the difference in strength between them. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This was actually a great honor, because Gennan was indicating that Shusaku’s strength was much greater than his rank indicated.


Honinbo Shusaku: ‘Invincible’ Go player wins a Google doodle

However, Shusaku proved the stronger player and continued to grow during the match. After that issue was settled, Shusaku accepted.

It was thought as a great achievement, having a tie after taking white, so much that it was used, shuaku with Shusaku’s calling up for the castle games, as an excuse to adjourn the match.

The stories of Jowa’s deviousness and Shusaku’s filial piety have been replayed many times both as fact and as popular fiction. Ina group of players gathered in a mansion in Edo.

Up toShusaku’s solid style has slowly removed Black’s chances of catching up. Although spectator’s recognized Shusaku’s strength as the reason for honibno rather than Ota’s weaknessthey also recognized Ota’s tenacity for having managed to keep Shusaku at tagaisen for so long. Although Jowa’s playing strength could hold up, his character could not.

In Shusaku left Edo and returned to his home for a period of over a year. After game 23, in which Ota managed to get a jigo with White, Ota discontinued the series. He was nicknamed Invincible Shusaku because of his castle honibbo performance. Edit page Discuss page 3.

Games by Shukaku

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The following stats are from the remaining games where the results were clear. Shusaku’s name is connected to the Shusaku fusekia certain method of opening the game on black, which was developed to perfection but not invented by him, and was the basis of the popular opening style up to the s.