Hitano Enterprise, established in , has manufactured a full range of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, ceramic capacitors and metal oxide varistors. Hitano. Hitano Enterprise Corporation, Taiwan, specializes in Electrolytic Capacitors, Ceramic Capacitors, and Metal Oxide Varistors. New stock now in of EEVblog GW and Brymen Now selling a selection of Probe Master.

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I bought from them some capacitors, perhaps older too Min value 1 Max value 1.

We may contact you regarding your error report for clarification. Register now Forgot password. Introduction In collaboration with Intertek, Distrelec is offering a calibration service for new electronic test and measurement instruments.

If you find a product of interest without a calibration version, our customer support will be more then helpful to clarify this topic for you. Ceramic capacitor for surface mounting. Request higher bulk rates. Please enter your name and your e-mail address. But you are right, it will take a long time to arrive, if it ever arrives!!

The time now is The answer for both topic is yes. The measured values detected by the calibration Calibration in a controlled environment measuring laboratory.

Thank you for your message.

An identification of the calibration method eg. The Intertek calibration certificates include:.

YZN3ROHS Capacitor nF PU=Reel of pieces Hitano

A description model and identification eg. Its capacitors are also much hitaano than more competent manufacturer’s eqivalent parts; very primitive manufacturing. All orders for calibrated items are non-cancellable and non-returnable.

Calibration involves comparing the read values of a measuring instrument or data recorder with the corresponding values of a reference tool that meets the reference standards.

KE3FMLBD Capacitor 10 nF VAC/VDC 10 mm Hitano

E-invoicing Reduce paperwork and access all invoices in one place using My Account. OK, I understand – continue. Hitano capacitors are not bad at all, this brand has been manufacturing capacitors for many years, and long before the plague of badcaps.


I bought from partsconnexion in the past, a couple of times, to restore some amps, but the international mail is having all kind of problems here, I’m still waiting some tweeters I bought like 3 months before There was also in 5 or more years ago, the great cap failure fiasco, where failures were happening all over with many brands, apparently a formula for the electrolytic compound was stolen and used in many production caps, but the formula was incomplete or something.

Maybe the local distributors can supply what you need. No track and trace will be send to the client.

Do you already have an account? If I have to go with Jamicon, I’d put that by-pass, just in case Actually, it could happen that leaving the caps last longer than the new cheap ones All orders for calibrated items are non-cancellable and non-returnable.

Electrolytic Capacitors | Hitano

Image is for illustrative purposes only. Register now Forgot password. Electrolytic caps will deteriorate quicker sitting on the shelf then capactors will do when in regular appropriate use, from what I understand. I’ll find a way If they fit, I’d put 2 x 68uF V, in series, and some 4.

Rated voltage 25 VDC. If you close this banner, or continue browsing, it means you consent for us to use cookies. How to get the instrument calibrated?

But at 1 point I’ll have to fix that tube console, and I’ll need to put there whatever I can get locally. Both are small outfits that may be more willing to ship to you vs a Mouser or Digikey.


Find More Posts by Pookanah. Register hjtano Forgot password. Rated voltage 50 VDC.

KE3F103M-L016BD15.5 – Capacitor 10 nF 3000 VAC/VDC 10 mm – Hitano

Please capacitorss our website to find instruments which can be capactors. Share this product by email Print this page Report an error Report an error Thank you for helping us with our website! After the order has been placed for the calibrated version, the non-calibrated device will be sent out from our warehouse to the calibration institute of Intertek Calibration service in process capacitrs Intertek Creating the certificate for end user The device will be repacked and sent directly to the end user.

And they tell you “they are all the same, capacitors are capacitors”, “It’s all capacihors same thing, Jamicon, Nichicon, all the same” Please refer to product description. I was interested a while ago in trying some of the better Black Gates for low voltage applications, but as they were long out of production, I decided that it was self defeating to purchase NOS electrolytic caps. HITANO Caps Hitano capacitors are not bad at all, this brand has been manufacturing capacitors for many years, and long before the plague of badcaps.

If I go for chinese or taiwanese caps, I just go, buy 1, and come home with the cap. Only private customers can order as guest. The answer for both topic is yes. Please visit our website to find instruments which can be calibrated. Rated Inductance L1 3.