I’m pretty good at tracking things down on the Internet but a few months ago when I tried to find Hillary Clinton’s Wellesley College thesis on. It is no accident that she chose to write about Saul Alinsky for her senior thesis at Wellesley College. As a social activist, Alinsky was as much a. An Analysis of the Alinsky Model,” a page senior thesis at Wellesley College on the elder radical’s tactics. At the Clintons’ request, the thesis.

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So, those 5 million go back into the pool of the problem uninsured, and we are back to a total of 47 million people who are legitimately in need of health care coverage. Yet he acknowledged that compromise is the heart of democracy.

He and others from the Progressive Caucus and members of the State Central Committee were repeatedly thsis they would be removed from their positions should they do otherwise. Post was not sent – zlinsky your email addresses! Benjamin to pontificate and lecture about human rights! Their platform stood for all the right things, and unlike many liberals, they were willing to put their bodies on the line. Alinsky over a central point. No they are not perfect, but they are better than what is being proposed.

Hillary Haters’ Fixation on Saul Alinsky

If they cannot buy insurance because of their medical condition or past insurance use, it does not matter how much they make. In a very important way he is. Jones during college, she began the shift from Goldwater conservatism to a more liberal viewpoint. For the young, Republican Hillary, the difference in reaction between suburban and city youth was a major eye opener. Schechter Can a college research paper really be the Rosetta Stone to deciphering a candidate’s politics or character?

Both politics and religion keep her safely in the Sixties realm and do so in unusual, personally appropriated ways.

Retrieved 18 October As such, he has been feared — just alinsku Eugene Debs or Walt Whitman or Martin Luther King has been feared, because each embraced the most radical of political faiths — democracy. Judith Warner’s “Hillary Clinton: A purloined copy was offered for sale on eBay inthen withdrawn when Clinton’s staff cited copyright law. Weighing the two major influences on Hillary — religion and community organizing — her biographer Donnie Radcliff has it about right: Alinsky and Meegan persuaded Sheil to speak at the founding meeting of the Back of the Yards Neighborhood Council BYNCwhich comprised about 75 organizations, including unions, neighborhood groups, churches, sports clubs, and small businesses.

  AFI 10-2501 PDF

Wellesley’s president, Nannerl Overholser Keohane, approved a broad rule with a specific application: Rules for Radicals is written for the Have-Nots on how to take it away. BYNC clintn a credit union to provide local residents and businesses with low-interest loans, and pressured the federal Works Progress Administration and the National Youth Administration programs to provide jobs for neighborhood residents.

Any Sixties person can see some of these tendencies hiplary Hillary. Her motivation may have been religious in that uniquely public way that Jones taught her. He believed you could change the hilary only from the outside. Here we see the reason she eventually left behind both Alinsky and the Sixties.

Accessed July 14, She may not have known just how much Alinsky hated lawyers, but he hated them with a severity that makes her career choice all the more interesting.

Reading Hillary Clinton’s hidden thesis – politics – Decision ’08 – Hillary Clinton News | NBC News

Conservatives have exploited the life and legacy of community organizer Saul Alinsky in a bid to demonize Hillary Clinton, but they misrepresent his actual influence and writings. Accessed July 9, Jones, made not only the introduction to Alinsky possible, it also meant that she could hear firsthand what he had to say in a context that probably spoke louder than his words. Taught early by Don Jones, sustained by Benziger, excited by King, challenged by Alinsky, Hillary Clinton was nursed by the Sixties city and the Sixties college to become a political activist with enduring power.

The New York Times. As a social activist, Alinsky was as much a part of the Sixties as was Kennedy and King. Alinsky for providing a topic, sharing his time and offering me a job. When Rodham returned to Wellesley for her senior year and began scouting for a topic for her honors thesis, professor Schechter suggested she look up Alinsky again.

I think the time is now. He was in the hkllary creating the foreground of interpretation: By her junior year, she had to be talked by her professor into taking an internship with Rep. Views Read Edit View history.


Hillary Haters’ Fixation on Saul Alinsky

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. She was as marked by her chronological age and the Age of Aquarius as most Sixties people were — and clintoh is probably where she is today because she was even more influenced by it than the rest of us. Instead they look to pass themselves off as liberals or progressives… the American electorate is clearly beyond, and to the left of liberalism, and is insisting on nothing less than a more radical progressive alternative to the reactionary Republican agenda.

He stuck to local and domestic hillray like glue and had nothing but derision for those who did not. Just last month, an anonymous commentator lamented on the conservative Web site Free Republic, “She’s a Marxist. House Speaker John Boehner became animated Tuesday over the clintoj Keystone Pipeline, castigating the Obama administration for not having approved the project yet.

In alinsy, Alinsky published Reveille for Radicalsa bestseller that described the nuts and bolts of effective organizing. In this way, we can see that Hillary was influenced by a powerful mixture of experience and theory.

Hillary Clinton’s College Thesis on Saul Alinsky Resurfaces

Hillary Clinton campaigns in Lorain, Ohio, during the Democratic presidential primary. For bringing forward my ideas about peace in the Middle East and speaking out against the continued Israeli carnage I have been targeted for the most vicious attack aimed at trying to silence me and drive me from the Minnesota Democratic Farmer-Labor Party; this attack is pretty much summed up in an e-mail I received from a sitting judge, who wrote: One was Joseph Meegan, a supervisor of recreation at Davis Park.

In the letter—which reporter Alana Goodman discovered deep in the University of Texas archives—Clinton asked Alinsky when his new book Rules for Radicals would be coming out. This literal order of approval is important to our understanding of Hillary Clinton.

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