: Hell (): Henri Barbusse, Robert Baldick: Books. Hell has ratings and reviews. Huda said: قال سارتر الجحيم هو الآخرون ويقول باريوس الجحيم هو الخوف أول مرة قرأت عن هذه الرواية القديمة كنت ف. Henri Barbusse () was a French novelist and a member of the French Communist son of a French father and an English mother, Barbusse.

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I left my room barbuase to go down to dinner, where nothing interested me any more. Love had become an idol, a thing. My childish imagination played in vain with those boundless fancies. Barbusse’s Hell is a timeless, great work. I wanted to live all lives, to dwell in all hearts.

The Inferno by Henri Barbusse – Full Text Free Book (Part 1/3)

Madame Lemercier’s little girl, with a careful hand on the banister, was coming upstairs, her neck thrust forward like a bird, and I compared her little henei to fragments of passing seconds. I do not say such a love may not exist between two human beings. Discover Bzrbusse Book Box for Kids. And a moment afterwards they followed her, hastily, as they had come, united now by an invisible and sublime bond.

It was not with beliefs, with ideas that I had to struggle, it was with myself. We think therefore we are. Nothing, and I was already on the decline. The narrator, unmarried and friendless, books a room in a Paris boarding house. I had no genius, no mission to fulfil, no great heart to bestow. The room was in disorder. This particular room I had never seen before, but, oh, how familiar it all was–that bed of imitation mahogany, that frigid toilet table, that inevitable arrangement of the furniture, that emptiness within those four walls.


Half-blown and waiting, a little voluptuous because voluptuousness already barbhsse from her, she was like a rose inhaling sunlight. Then, very late, when silence had been reigning so long that it paralysed me, I made an effort.

The Inferno by Henri Barbusse – Free Ebook

A man had injured barhusse then murdered a little girl and had kept singing at the top of his voice to prevent the cries of his little victim from being heard. His presumption is that none of us can appreciate the innermost experience of any other, that we are permanently insulated from everyone else.

Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. That first heol your face was like what it never was afterwards, even in our happiest moments. The days when we shall see each other again before we die–we could count them–if we dared. It makes one excited to read each chapter after the other making you feel that you are the one who is in that hotel room, waiting each night to peek through that little hole in the wall.

It barvusse me suffer. But what matter, what matter? When I used to say ‘Helene,’ I did not know what I was saying. They stared into each other’s faces.

What that woman, without knowing it, had given baarbusse by showing me her naked kiss–was it not the crowning beauty the reflection of which covers you with glory? They will open their arms, they will caress each other. Get to Know Us. It is almost never what they say it is. Once more they will try together, as much as they can, to seek shelter from life’s defeats, to find ecstasy, to nell death.

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Had I ever thought bbarbusse it? Serge called Barbusse a hypocrite who was determined barbjsse I had not heard them enter. Were they going away? I had been travelling since morning. As for philosophical discussions, I thought they are absolutely useless. I am sorry for the men who have the heart not to love any more.


This article about an erotic novel of the s is a stub. Reviewers consistantly discuss the work itself finebut fail to deal with the key question: Little by little, it began to come out of its ruins and to rise.

They were a little self-conscious, a little ashamed of themselves already. You pass blindly from one extreme to the other. There was a general stir bbarbusse bustle and the usual empty interest before a meal.

Barbusse introduces late on a character Villiers — a successful novelist with no insights, no new ideas, but a retinue of admirers. I saw now how I should be punished for having entered into the living secrets of man. One by one the people stopped talking and listened with the air of really not listening, while those not so close to the speaker felt like drawing up right next to him.

Henri Barbusse

Makes it difficult to jive, dunnit? So much the better. I was thirty years old. Her lips on his lips, she murmured like a thorny caress among the caresses: Rotten woodwork, two loose bricks. A little boy and a little girl, twelve or thirteen years old. They had not wished to enter the room together, in which they both sought refuge to escape pursuit.

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