shrIhanumat pa~ncharatnam ||} {.. Garland of Five Gems on Shri Hanuman..} { Translation by A. Narayanaswami} vItAkhila-viShayechChaM jAtAnandAshra. HANUMAT PANCHARATNAM-॥ श्रीहनुमत् पञ्चरत्नम् ॥ वीताखिल- विषयेच्छं जातानन्दाश्र पुलकमत्यच्छम् । सीतापति दूताद्यं . HANUMATH PANCHARATHNAM Duration: min. Views: Category: People. Hanumat Pancharatnam Duration: min. Views: Category: Music.

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Sita had been imprisoned in the Ashoka forest in Lanka, guarded by a band of fearsome Panchadatnam whose very mis-shapen, but strong bodies made ordinary humans tremble.

The lotus blooms and opens at dawn when the rising sun spreads a glow and cheer all around. Thus, he started the recitation of the story of Rama and hearing this, Sita looked up at once. He has composed them for our benefit. Thus he showed great courage as well as pride and all along proclaimed that he was only a humble servant of Rama.

However, let me clear that Adi Shankaracharya’s Hanumat Pancharatnam doesn’t contain it. The first person who knew its greatness and imparted it as a life saving mantra was Hanuman.

The worship of Maruti, who is the foremost Ramdas or servant of Rama, was in the past popularized in Maharashtra, by the renowned Samartha Ramdas Swami who made the worship of Hanuman the rallying point for revitalizing Hindu Dharma and vigor with accent on not only mental and spiritual vigor, but physical strength as well. This is referred to in the first line of this Sloka.

Hanuman is known by several hnumat. May those who have not yet become devotees become his devotees and thus become more happy, bright, strong and prosperous. The Stotras or the Divine Hymns are not mere compositions.

hanuman pancharatnam

By seeing the nature of Guha Gita, it seems verses are mainly taken from different scriptures. Ravana even threatened Sita that she will be killed and her flesh cooked for breakfast, if she did not accede to his wishes.


This was said to be composed in AD. With unswerving devotion of Rama in his heart, Hanuman is proud in proclaiming the greatness of Rama and attributes all his powers and courage to Rama.

He brought joy to Rama who was grieving over Lakshmana, lying unconscious like dead, by bringing back Lakshmana to renewed life.

Sree Hanumat Pancharatnam BY: For the benefit of wide readers, the Slokas hanymat trans-literated in both Tamil and English along with meaning in English. Compositions by Sages like Sankaracharya have a special value and efficacy. They are in fact pure love which melted from the hearts of pure devotees. Garland of Five Gems on Shri Hanuman. His neck is shapely and his lips are red like a ripe fruit.

Shiva – Vishnu Temple, Livermore – Hanuman Jayanthi – May 21

I worship Hanuman whose intellect, like the Mandara mountain which was used to churn the ocean of milk for nectar acted as the churning rod for the great ocean of the science of grammar, and who keeps praising the fame of Rama 3.

Of these, Hanuman having the characteristics of Panchqratnam or the wind God could assume a small or big form as he wished and could travel at great speed like the wind. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. This is brought out in the third line of the Sloka. Great physical strength he is known as Bajrangbali – meaning, strength of the body which is hard like a diamonda sharp mind, good analytical power, persuasive speech, undying and unparalelled devotion to Rama, undaunted courage which could meet great odds, great personal humility and strict Brahmacharya hhanumat means i pursuit of absolute knowledge of God; ii celibacy and freedom from passions and desires; iii personal humility are some of the important traits and qualities of Hanuman.


In his confrontation with the Rakshasa hordes who came to attack and capture him, he proclaimed triumphantly that he is a messenger and servant of Rama.

He was never concerned about the hardships, or about his own safety. No wonder that the worship of Hanuman has become popular. The Ramayana of Valmiki which is the original version and the foundation for the later versions by Tulsidas and Kamban consists of seven cantos or kandas, each named because of the location of the panchaaratnam or the nature of the events described in the canto.

We should take every opportunity therefore to study, understand and worship Hanuman, so that we not only get the blessings of Hanuman but Panchatatnam and Sita as well. The Acharya prayed that he be granted Darsan of the Divine form and this was granted.

Whereas the lotus opens at sunrise, the lily which blooms at night, droops in the morning when the sun rises. Hanmat Vishayecham Jaataanandaashru- pulakamatyaccham Sitapatidootadyam Vaatatmaja Madyabhavaye Hrudyam I contemplate with reverence on the son of Apncharatnam Hanuman who is first among the messengers of Sri Rama. Hence, she regarded him as Bhagya or wealth and lucky possession. According to this discussion on advaita-vedanta.

Moreover, it brings overall prosperity to the home by removing obstacles, granting all wishes, removing evil, removing poverty, granting eloquence in speech, destroying foes, achieving the impossible, creating favors from government authorities, improving intellectual knowledge to win debates, removing the evils caused by bhoota, bhetala and grahas.