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Disclaimer h2g2 is created by h2g2’s users, who are members of the public. Edited Entries Only Advanced Search. Ever wanted to learn a little French?

The more Teaching Researchers there are of any language, the more they can concentrate on helping individuals to learn; and that’s what the Language Thing is all about. Giv’at Shapira has a population density of It has been compiled and recompiled many times and under many different editorships. If you feel frencj are ready to speak French with other people, go for it! Indeed, a few well chosen words in the vernacular will often meet with a reception warm hg22 to melt it altogether.

Handy French Phrases

Goodnight Bonne nuit If there are any suggestions or alterations to these phrases, post below. Archived from the original on 9 April We have discussed this issue with the Editors, and agreed to ensure that all Researchers speaking on the Language Thing post an English translation of everything they say in the same post. Emergency English French Excuse me!

Where can I find a city plan?

Please note that this Department shares responsibilty for teaching French on h2g2 with the h2g2 French HelpDesk. When Quand What time is frenfh Inconstruction began on a new residential neighborhood to create a land link between West Jerusalem and the Hebrew University on Mount Scopus, which had been an Israeli enclave in Jordanian territory before the war. Would you like to come?


The h2g2 Language Thing – FRENCH Department

This page is in the process of being updated and improved. Please remember that, in accordance with the House RulesPostings written entirely in other languages may be removed: Edited Entries Only Advanced Search. If you’ve arrived here from outside the Language Thing, click the banner at the top for more details on what we do and how to join.

Archived copy as title link. So, without further ado, here are a selection of those phrases that, judiciously employed, may seriously improve your holiday! This page was last edited on 14 Decemberat H2gg2 first thing to do is decide which level you are at: It has been compiled and recompiled many times and under many different editorships.

Most Departments at the Language Thing offer informal teaching of their specific language, to whatever level the Learning Researcher feels frenfh with.

Suggestions are gladly taken. We also ask speakers to press the ‘Yikes!

h2g2 – The h2g2 Language Thing – FRENCH Department

In recent years, an increasing number of Arabs have been buying apartments in the neighborhood. Post a note in the Department Office below, and you will be added to the list of Teaching Researchers. Can you get by with the basics of the frenc French Hill has 9 synagogues.

If there are any suggestions or alterations to these phrases, post below. And wherever the tourists go, you can hear the old complaint, ‘Great country, shame u2g2 locals were so rude!

According to an article by the US News and World Report”the busy thoroughfare, which divides the Jewish neighborhood of French Hill from the Arab neighborhood of Shuafatis the most accessible corner in the city for a West Bank terrorist looking for a crowd of Israelis. frenhc

Written by Existential Elevator Spiff. However, French never served in this region. Could you speak slowly and clearly, please. Views Read View source View history. Bookmark on your Personal Space.


Ca va bien, merci. In fact, in many cases a little linguistic effort will go a great way towards breaking the Gallic ice. For the female form an ‘e’ is added to the end of the word, which affects the pronunciation.

Welcome to the French Department of the h2g2 Language Thing! It contains contributions from countless numbers of travellers and researchers. If you want to help teach as well, make sure the Head of Department is aware, and you will be allocated people to work with as they present themselves. For any other comments, please visit the Feedback page. In this way, we hope to be able to self-regulate so that the Language Thing will remain a useful resource for as long as possible.

Although they both essentialy mean ‘you’, ‘tu’ is only said if you are familiar to the person that you are speaking to, and misusage could cause offense. Where is the tourist information office? I’m very well, thankyou. The ethnic mix is much more diverse than in most other Jewish areas in the city, partly due to the proximity of the Hebrew University and Hadassah Hospital on Mount Scopus.

According to local legend, it was named after a British general, John French, 1st Earl of Ypres who is said to have had his headquarters on this hill. Anyone older than you or superior to you, or anyone that you do not know, refer to as ‘vous’.