It’s no secret that Guthrie Govan is a monster Rock Fusion Guitar Player. cool Jazz Line using Chromatic Notes and the Melodic Minor Scale. yeah thats cool, once ive finished my A levels i’m going to one of the following, GIT/ ACM / BIMM, BIMM would be cool with Guthrie teaching. Licks in the Style of Guthrie Govan Guitar Lesson Tutorial. One thing that is very apparent in Guthrie’s style is the way he chooses to use chromatic notes.

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I listen his solo album very often. Muris, have you seen the clips of Guthrie’s guitar clinic? Once you feel that you have nailed every lick of the solo, try it at full tempo along with the backing track. I absolutely love Guthrie!

He uses lots of chromatic notes and tapping in his playing, and many lighting-fast alternative picking passages. There are really good melodies that stay in your head for a long time. Sign up for Spencer Bruce Music Newsletter. Enter your e-mail to view.

Just wanted to start this thread about Guthrie, one of the greatest guitarists of our time! Including motivic development within this solo was a vital part of capturing the style of Guthrie’s playing.

The lick will test your ability to shift positions with accuracy so practice carefully! Valero View Member Profile. OK, time to take a deep liicks as this one is a challenge!

This is a Guthrie Govan style lick here starting on Bb on 11th fret B string, works well govam an Cm Chord progression. Guthrie Govan is one of the most interesting new guitar players for me.


This is a great introduction to some Chord Voicings you might not be familiar with … and as always we discuss a little bit of Concept and Theory to help you use these Chords in your everyday playing.

Learning to Play Guitar like Guthrie Govan

Muting is also essential he OK let’s nail this solo! This time he riffs on a standard ii- V-I Progression and later plays some Chord Voicings that might not be familiar to some … all of which outline a vi-ii-V-I Progression. If you have not Donated … and you Appreciate all the time and effort we have put into these Free Lessons over the last year … Please help us out with a Donation … your support is what will keep this machine going … and allow us to continue to bring you Free stuff.

We hope you get a lot out of this Free Guitar Lidks And stick around, we will continue to bring you more Guitar Lessons chromaticc on Guthrie Govan and as always feel free to send us your requests. If you analyse any of his solos, the majority of which I feel are improvised, you will find a masterful control over motivic development.

Guthrie Govan – Chromatic Lick Lesson – Chromatic Licks Tabs

For more in-depth information on maximising your practice time and finding your own voice on the instrument, check out my book Guitar Creativity — A new way of thinking Enjoy!


They again are Cmaj7 – Dm7 – Em7 – Fmaj7. He has a real talent for making interesting songs, and he doesn’t ruin them by just “overshredding”. Lets continue further into the world of Mr Govan!

Thought I’d throw out another ‘Licks in the Style of But I in my opinion his improvisations are the best. In this study, you’ll get special insights into his unique playing. Very similar to the video on Guthrie’s arpeggios that a did I while. This lesson was created with inspiration from the following: Great, thanks, been looking for some new stuff, the “cold winter blues” on that clip was amazing I thought.

A Guthrie Govan Lick in E Minor with Chromatic Notes – with Tablature

It will not cut it even if you are a fraction out so make sure you are Maybe I’ll try sometime, govaj it will be hard Guthrie Govan is known as one of the most versatile and talented guitarist in the world. I really like that kind of unexpected burst of notes and to achieve the same effect, it is very important to get the rhythm dead on.

Mike SalowRick Graham Gthrie lessons in study: Licks in the Style of Guthrie Govan: So, what do you guys think about him???