GURPS Spaceships 2: Traders, Liners, and Transports – Taking Care of Business Intrepid space traders struggling to make a fortune – or just. So you’ve got a starship. Can you use it to make a fortune – or even a living? GURPS Spaceships 2 provides statistics and descriptions for dozens of. “GURPS Spaceships 2 provides statistics and descriptions for dozens of “This is the second volume in the GURPS Spaceships series by David Pulver.

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Traders, Liners, and Transports gurrps trade rules, and answers “How do I pay for a ship? They still treat them as separate ships that must be independently spacesbips. Tactical Implications of Eclipse Phase Technology Plugging the Eclipse Phase technology through the ship designer, some things become immediately apparent.

This helps align size categories to the ones already present in Eclipse Phase. All times are GMT And again targets with armour good enough to stop shrapnel will have much bigger size than a few meters.

Find More Posts by David Johnston2. GURPS Spaceships 2 provides statistics and descriptions for dozens of interplanetary and interstellar commercial vessels, from tiny shuttlecraft and rugged tramp freighters to the sleek star liners and beautiful luxury yachts of the elite.

Fighters, Carriers, and Mecha brings greater detail to dogfights, from tiny-but-agile fighters to the carriers that ferry them into battle.

Where doing so resulted in wonky numbers, modifiers were rounded to the nearest or most thematically appropriate whole number. The delivery time for a newly built spacecraft is SM-4 months; e.


GURPS Spaceships

To destroy it you need to reduce dHP to zero. Orbital combat might use smaller hex sizes. Cause we are talking about spwceships with radius around cm. Written by David L.

Their most valuable effect is to deter opponents from deploying their radiators within a certain range. Theoretically many networked drones as outlined in your post can be fashioned into an extension to ship sensors allowing for a bigger sensor radius. Especially sapceships you want a reliable lock on target due to cost of such devices.

Steve Jackson Games New Munchkin player? Distance probably will be measured in light minutes. Your point about interplanetary weapons is certainly true. So by spending a good percent of ship mass on drone sensors you can get good reading on your opponent’s signatures and even get his precise location but all your obtained information is still subject gurp light lag.

Though how good are they depends on composition of opponents fleet. You can edit this page to create it.

Spaceship Design and Combat: GURPS conversion

So will you keep them close to your ship for good integration with onboard systems or try to move them forward closer to enemy ship? Originally Posted by Andrew Hackard. Tables modified to reflect this.

Railguns are slow and inaccurate but can be deadlier than nukes at high velocities. Gurp derived rules offer a quick way to determine what cargoes or passengers are available for. And particle beams don’t have that good of an attack range. It is further spaceshi;s in other Spaceships book about tactical combat with hexes. Originally Posted by David Johnston2.


I supported because… “because RPGGeek is a wonderful community and database to share fun and games with! UV lasers don’t work well in atmosphere. Warships and Space Pirates. All this comes with basic rules for space travel and combat, gurpps you can blast off right away! Because you can’t use metallic hydrogen – active magnetic containment will remove any chance of surprise attack. What I have a bigger problem with is the percentage increase, meaning that when the duration of a loan is lessened; the interest rate is decreased not increased!

The rules regarding these roles are detailed here only when they have been changed. Ships that want a rounded survivability will have to invest just as heavily in point defense and manuever.

Tags separate by space: While roll at all? Only they will cost more. GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: Find More Posts by weby. Other volumes in the series expand on the core for more possibilities! Drones and Kinetic attacks. Surf our site for the files you want.

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