Introduzione. GreenFoot è uno strumento software progettato per permettere ai principianti di fare esperienza con laprogrammazione orientata. The Greenfoot Programmers’ Manual is licensed under a. Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial UK: England & Wales License. Contents 1. 2. 3. 4. Opening the Code editor for a class displays all of the programming instructions for the class. Programming instructions are organized into methods in the class.

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Prlgrammer the Java API documentation of the Color class for a full list of pre-defined colours and other ways of getting Color objects. The Greenfoot gallery organises scenarios by means of tags. There is a shortcut to placing several objects a bit quicker: The following code would draw a rectangle 60 pixels wide by 30 pixels high in the top-left corner of the image:.

Greenfoot Tutorial

The wombats and ants scenarios are distributed as examples together with Greenfoot. If this was done more seriously, we should load the image objects from file only once in the constructor and store them in fields of type Proogrammer.

Once our actor gets to the end of the world it keeps trying to move outside it, but Greenfoot will not let it.


The world always has a background image. To mirror an image, use one of the mirrorVertically or mirrorHorizontally methods.


For simulatons of real-world situations, such as behaviour of swarms or the workings of a machine. Every class has an associated image. Oh well — more work to do. Invoke a world method.

Create a new class. It loops through all the pieces of food left in the pile, and for each one draws four pixels onto the image next to each other in a random position.

We have seen that objects in the world have manul which you can invoke via a pop-up menu. Note that the length of time that the scenario will be delayed for will vary a great deal, based on the speed of execution. Note that this is the title above the world’s display, not the programmeer name in the right hand panel.

Tutorials Learn how to use Greenfoot and begin programming: Note that as the method returns the last key pressed down since the last time it was called, if the method has not been called for a while then the key returned might not have been pressed recently — if no other key has been pressed since.

In the ants scenario for example, the Ant class uses this method. After choosing a name for your new world and clicking Ok, you should see the new world in the class display.


Copyright, licensing greeenfoot redistribution.

Programmer Manual

Greenfoot is a software tool designed to let beginners get experience with object-oriented programming. Instead of just proogrammer the whole scenario, you can also invoke single methods.

The first two parameters specify the offset from the current location, which in this case is 0,0since wombats can only eat leaves where they are right now. Suonare Playing a sound in Greenfoot is extremely grenfoot. Also, if two keys are pressed at once, or grednfoot together between two calls of getKey, then only the last one pressed will be returned. Sound file names are case-sensitive i. Right-click the Leaf class and place the leaf.

This example will give us a number in the range [ The Greenfoot FAQ list covers many frequently-asked questions. Some methods give you an answer. It does not attempt to teach Java. We need to modify it so that it also returns false when there is a rock in manula of us.