The Greada Treaty was signed by then President Elect Dwight Eisenhower. According to the testimonies examined so far, the February It is February 20, President Dwight David Eisenhower is on a quickly called for and arranged mini-vacation to Palm Springs, California. The rumored treaty was named The Greada Treaty and apparently allowed the US to gain advanced UFO technologies in exchange for.

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A Few Famous Bilderberg Attendees: Dulles had engineered a means by which he could still deny Kennedy access to UFO information, even though he was out of office. I was gonna say, if it is true, which I doubt it is, he kinda stuck us in very awkward situation, for the most part.

One of his colleague, Dorsey, who told him:. According to Cooper, the Grey extraterrestrials signing the treaty were not trustworthy: The grsada is true — devastatingly true!

But neither can two great and powerful groups of nations take comfort from our present course — both sides treaaty by the cost of modern weapons, both rightly alarmed by the steady spread of the deadly atom, yet both racing to alter that uncertain balance of terror that stays the hand of mankind’s final war….

High on the agenda was the way in which covert operations were being run by the CIA and the impact these were having on international affairs. When we were allowed to enter the restricted section after about six hours in which we were checked on every possible item, event, rgeada and aspect of our personal and public livesI tdeaty the distinct feeling that the world had come to an end with fantastic realism.

McClelland also points out the connection treeaty the craft that landed at Holloman, and those that overflew Washington, DC in July According to the testimonies examined so far, the February. Macarthur may well have been alluding to the same extraterrestrials that Corso, Cooper and Lear believed had entered into an agreement with the Eisenhower administration.


Corso has an encounter with an extraterrestrial at White Sands.

He says that he saw nine flying saucer craft, and was asked to work on one that used anti-matter as part of its propulsion system. Confirmation that the First Contact meeting treay extraterrestrials who were effectively spurned for taking what might be considered a principled stand on technology assistance and nuclear weapons comes from the son of a former Navy Commander who claimed that his father had been present at the First Contact event on February Yet MJ was not cooperating in sharing information with the President.

The one on the left was in Khakis, the one on the right in winter Blues.

Eisenhower Meets Extraterrestrials

treayy In his letter, Gerald Light pointed to intense disagreement amongst Eisenhower officials in responding to the extraterrestrials at the Edwards AFB meeting.

The treaty stated that the aliens would not interfere in our affairs and we would not interfere in theirs. He is currently researching methods of Transformational Peace as a Researcher in Residence in the Center for Global Peace and directing the Center’s Peace Ambassador Program which uses transformational peace techniques for individual self-empowerment.

But before the Greys made. That is, it is utterly and unequivocally without legality or merit. According to the testimonies examined so far, the Februarymeeting was not successful, and the extraterrestrials were spurned due to their refusal to enter into technology exchanges and insistence on nuclear disarmament by the US and presumably other major world powers.

This policy involves such strategies as removing all public records of former military service men or corporate employees, forcing individuals to make retractions, deliberately distorting statements of individuals, or discrediting individuals. For I have complete confidence in the response traty dedication of our citizens whenever they are fully informed.

We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes.

Greada Treaty Of Deceit: Nordics, Greys, And A US President | Boomer Junction

In the letter he refers to the aliens as “Etherians” which reveals his devotion to the cult of Aetherius. If Dr Nourse was present at such a meeting, he did so in order to provide his expertise on the possible economic impact of First Contact with extraterrestrials.


About the Author Dr. The President then realized why none came forth to greet him as he entered that German advanced flying machine. The meeting was described at length in a letter to a leading metaphysical teacher at the time, Mead Layne in a letter. We got something less than the technology we bargained for and found the abductions exceeded by a million fold than what we had naively agreed to.

A basic agreement was reached. And, as I understand it from the written documentation, we were asked if we would allow them to be here and do research. Angleton worked directly for Allen Dulles. While the signing of the treaty provided US national security agencies an opportunity to study extraterrestrial technologies, and to observe the extraterrestrial biological program with abducted civilians, it appeared the treaty was not as beneficial as was first thought due to excessive abductions of US civilians.

Most disturbing is the possibility that a number of these classified projects may be illegal under the Antarctic Treaty, as well as violating other international and domestic laws. Currently Active Users 1 member. He also observed that they think much faster than humans do. We are going to rip this thing apart. For example, Robert Emenegger and Allan Sandler claimed they were approached by the Pentagon in to produce an officially sanctioned video that would be used for official public disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence.


We dare not tempt them with weakness. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent meetings and conferences.

The space brother human types of the ‘s seemed greaa fade away, and they were replaced in the UFO literature with another type of alien.