GraphML is an XML-based file format for graphs. The GraphML file format results from the joint GraphML Primer · Comparison between XML to SVG Transformation Mechanisms, showing conversions between GraphML and SVG. Hi. I’m new to yEd. I tried downloading the GraphML examples to open in yEd, but they look a lot different in yEd than in the GraphML primer. I am going through the Graphml primer (rawing/primer/ ) but when I copy and paste the examples into.

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Nested inside a graph element are the declarations of nodes and edges. All XML-Attributes denoting meta-data are prefixed with parse.

These types are defined like the corresponding types in the Java TM -Programming language. Email me if my answer is selected or commented on.

GraphML – Wikipedia

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. While pure topological information may be sufficient for some appications of GraphML, for the most time additional information is needed. For the node element the XML-Attribute parse. If the XML-Attribute parse. In the above example no value is defined for the node with identifier n1 and the GraphML-Attribute with name color.


The hierarchy is expressed by the structure of the GraphML document. All XML-Attributes denoting meta-data are prefixed with parse.

For each enpoint of the hyperedge, this hyperedge element contains an endpoint element. This extension can be defined by an XML Schema. This primer describes the language features through examples which are complemented by references to normative texts.

The GraphML File Format

Structured content can be added within the data element. GraphML Document with Ports.

This assures readability for other GraphML parsers. GraphML is intended to be a service to the community. Then the pins on the integrated circuits correspond to ports of a node.

GraphML Primer

The edge element has optional XML-Attributes sourceport and targetport with which an edge may specify the port on the source, resp. The examples and traphml explanatory material in this document are provided to help you understand GraphML, but they may not always provide definitive answers.

For a detailed description of this mechanism see Chapter 4.

When I save the yEd graph as a Graphml file and compare it with the example then it is completely different. Software to help add GraphML support to several popular tools and libraries is under development.

GraphML is designed to be easily extensible. For the value free no order is imposed. Declaration of a GraphML Attribute.


There can be graph elements for which a GraphML-Attribute is defined but no value is declared by a corresponding data element. Note that in the drawing of the graph the hierarchy is expressed by containment, i. And you can tell us your most wanted feature requests. The identifier of a node is defined by the XML-Attribute id. It contains 11 nodes and 12 edges. Declaring the edge between node n Section 2 covers the basic mechanisms of GraphML.

Possible conflicts, due to elements from different XML languages that happen to have identical names, are resolved by different namespaces. To store more complex application data one has to extend GraphML.

There can be graph elements priker which peimer GraphML-Attribute is defined but no value is declared by a corresponding data element. For the second kind, information about element encoding, the following XML-Attributes for the graph element are defined: The following example demonstrates the parse info meta-data on our running example: The second attribute, xsi: