Buy Grandstream 4-port FXO Gateway, GXW Networking Products – Grandstream GS-GXW 8 Port Fxo Gateway VoIP Phone & Device. Get the Grandstream GXW from the gateway experts at VoIP Supply. Learn about, review and purchase the Grandstream GXW here!. Imagen 1: Grandstream GXW; Imagen 2: Grandstream GXW Compare. Manufacturer: GRANDSTREAM. Avanzada 7 code:

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Currently no information available. Set the phone settings as follows:. The Buyer is encouraged to purchase shipping insurance. Add your own review. I changed this because I sometimes have a delay before getting a dial-tone. Additional documents are required for most international orders. Permalink 16 Oct Are you using firmware 1. You can put whatever you want here.

Change the default Admin password and configure auto updating: You can also set a preferred DNS server.

When finished, uncheck all boxes, update, and reboot.

I have even remove all smart routers, and used switch for my network, tested line with old plain analog telephone. FXO Lines Tab at top of configuration screen: Thank you for visiting our humble store.


Your source for Panasonic phone systems for over 30 years! I think I grandsgream got this thing working. The Channels tab has been removed. Set the Round Robin as follows: We cannot accept any returns without prior authorization and without an RMA number.

Grandstream GXW

You’ve given us very limited information, but from what I can see, it looks like you didn’t follow the instructions perfectly. This entry sets up the GXW to use 1-stage dialing.

Contact us now for more information. Additional ID verification may be required.

We will reject the entire return or may impose additional charges for replacement cost of the missing components or items. Items listed in our store are available as of the time the item is listed. California Time Monday to Friday. Warranty does not cover any damage due to accidents, misuse or negligence. I was still able to place outgoing calls, but incoming calls went unanswered.

Grandstream GXW-4108 8 Port FXO Gateway

Such request includes “special protection packaging”, “removing bulky boxes” “combining orders” or “Freight Collect”. Granndstream instructions are written assuming that you’ll use the GXW, but the same instructions will apply to the GXW Express service is also offered for most items. I had to replace every instance of “GXWT1” with “”.


The device has even a video surveillance capabilities a video input port. For international orders, please allow business days for processing.

If you want all calls to be routed the same way on all lines, you could put the same number for each channel and then just create one inbound route i. Give us a call! Write your domain name to SIP server and Proxy.