Kjo kopje e Katalogut të provimit është e palektoruar dhe teknikisht e parregulluar .. Testi nga gjuha e huaj përbëhet nga tri pjesë: të lexuarit, leksiku/ gramatika. VAREM Trajta e regullt HANGED përdoret kur është fjala për varjen e një personi nga xhelati. Test Model Per Gjuhen Angleze Gramatika e Anglishtes. TEST MODEL PER GJUHEN ANGLEZE Testi i gjuhës angleze, si lëndë me zgjedhje, për provimin e Maturës Shtetërore do të pëmbajë50 kërkesa. Të gjtha k Gramatika (Grammer Exercise) do të ketë 20 kërkesa. 3. Të shkruarit ( Writing).

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The books are the table. Who is that man in there street?

How are adjectives used with verbs? The 3 most common English prepositions that are used to represent time are: Abstract nouns – is a noun is not a physical object, it can’t be touched physically.

There are three tall boys in my class. The first letter of a proper noun is always represented by a capital letter. There are many different kinds of nouns in English. Prepositions never come before a verb.

Time prepositions are used to define time. Adjectives are used to clarify the subject that is doing the action. The clock fell floor. I myself have two bachelors degrees. While – The preposition “while” is used to represent the length of time an action has been happening. Quantifiers can’t be used.


Gramatika e Gjuhes Angleze, Kohet e Foljeve

Any number bigger then two can be used to anglezf an amount. The computer is the table. They are ideas and feelings such gjyhes intelligence, love, hate, bravery etc.

Determiner – a, an, her, five, many, much several etc. The windows are clean. The train will be here a few mintues. Prepositions of place gramayika used to clarify a specific place. Adjectives are not used to describe the verb. There is a beautiful picture the wall.

In question when the main verb is the verb “to be” the frequency adverb is placed after the subject? Our teacher is really good this year. A determiner is optional before noun or adverb if adjectives are used. Is that cake good? Superlative adjectives are used to define the highest degree of a noun. My neighbors asked me to watch their cats they are in China.

Pyetje Nga Lenda E Anglishtes

I like that pretty green sofa. Time Prepositions – Time prepositions define time. Plural collective nouns are used like plural nouns. The article “a” or: The teacher doesn’t always come on time. Dinner will be ready 2 hours. Determiners are also adjectives. The horse is the stables. I hjuhes to pick it up. Examples of the usage of common nouns: A pronoun can be used as the sentences subject or the object.


The length of the action is not important. My cats – sometimes sleep in their beds. The word “more” is placed before the adjective.

Possessive adjectives my be used such as his, our, etc. Time Prepositions Quiz Quiz 1. Singular collective nouns are used like singular nouns. What are frequency adverbs? The building structure of superlative adjectives are divided into 2 groups “short words” and “long words”.

The students and teachers work closely on the project. The adjective descrives the subject that is performing the action.

Gramatika e gjuhës angleze për fëmijë – UEGEN

It is common for the preposition to be placed before the noun. Our teacher rarely gives us a lot of worksheets to do. She has never been to China.

Without this information the sentence would not be clear. There is a party the 4 of July.